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My Account

What can I do through My Account on Ooberpad?

How do I know if my order is confirmed?

Can I order a product that is listed as being 'Out of Stock'?


Is it necessary to have an account to shop on Ooberpad?

Secured Payment

Secured Payment

Are there any hidden charges when you make a purchase on Ooberpad?

How do I pay using a credit or debit card?

Is it safe to use my credit/debit card on Ooberpad?

How does Ooberpad prevent card fraud?

How do I pay for an Ooberpad purchase?

Order Status

How do I check the current status of my orders?

When and how can I cancel an order?


What is the estimated delivery time?

Are there any hidden costs and charges on items sold on Ooberpad?

Why does Ooberpad not ship to my area or location?

Will Ooberpad deliver products internationally?

How do I arrange for a pickup when I need to return an item?

What are Ooberpad's delivery charges?


How does the delivery process work?

How are items packed at Ooberpad and delivered to you?

Are all in-transit products insured?

How can I track the delivery of my order?

Returns and Exchanges

Returns and Exchanges

Within how many days can most items shipped from Ooberpad be returned?

What items can I exchange?

When are returns not possible?

Do I have to return the free gift when I return the product?

Can I return part of my order?

When are refunds provided?

Why have I still not received a refund to my bank account after a return?

What is the pickup process? Why have I been asked to ship the item?

After requesting an exchange, I have changed my mind and would like to keep the product. What should I do?

How do I cancel an order?

How long will it take to process my cancellation request?

How can you track your refunds or exchanges on Ooberpad?

What do you need to retain to return your product at Ooberpad?

When will I get an exchange that I have requested?

Creating Great Product Reviews

Creating Great Product Reviews

What to avoid when writing product reviews

What to avoid when writing product reviews

Site Policies

Supplier Identification

Contract Execution

Cookies and Monitoring

Product Information

Right to Cancel


Laws governing the site

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

What personal information does Ooberpad.com gather about its customers?

With whom do we share the information that we receive?

Third-Party Service Providers

Promotional Offers

Protection of Ooberpad.com and others:

Order History

Order History

Tracking FAQs

How can you know about your order status?

What does each delivery status mean on Ooberpad?

What is the Ooberpad “Track” button and how can you use it?

What can you do if your shipment does not arrive on time?

What is the Tracking Process on Ooberpad?

Ooberpad Price Match Guarantee

What is Ooberpad price match guarantee?

How to request a price match from Ooberpad.com?

How do I provide the "proof of price"?

Are competitors' services also eligible for price matching?

What are the terms & conditions of Ooberpad price match guarantee?

Our price match guarantee exclusion list


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