Emotiva Airmotiv SE8 8" Flex Subwoofer

by Emotiva
₹ 65,000.00

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Country of Origin: China

Ooberpad presents to you the feature-packed Emotiva Airmotiv SE8 8" Flex Subwoofer. The Airmotiv SE8 Flex Subwoofer is an incredibly capable compact powered subwoofer that is feature-packed with a heavy-duty 8” downward-firing woofer coupled to a forward-firing passive radiator — driven by an efficient, cool-running 200 watt Class D amplifier. The Airmotiv S8 Subwoofer packs punch with abundant clean low bass to add authority to the lowest octaves of your favourite music, with enough raw power to shake the floor when a movie soundtrack calls for it.


1-year manufacturer's warranty

Key Features:

  • 8” heavy-duty long-throw subwoofer with vented steel frame, rubber surround, and treated paper cone
  • 8” passive radiator, with rubber surround, steel frame, and treated paper cone
  • efficient, audiophile quality, Class-D amplifier provides 200 watts RMS of clean power to drive the Airmotiv SE8 to satisfying listening levels
  • An effective but transparent audio limiter ensures that the Airmotiv SE8 always sounds good, but is almost impossible to overdrive
  • The SE8 can be configured to remain on, to be switched on manually, or to automatically switch itself on when it senses music at its inputs
  • Both speaker level and line-level inputs for maximum flexibility and compatibility with a wide variety of different system
  • Rear panel controls allow you to configure the Level, Crossover Frequency, and Phase for a perfect match with the rest of your system
  • A heavy, acoustically inert, MDF cabinet keeps distracting cabinet noises and vibration to an absolute minimum
  • Integral feet, with non-slip decoupling pads, protect delicate floors, and ensure that your Airmotiv SE8 Sub will stay exactly where you want it.
  • The exterior of the Airmotiv SE8 is covered in attractive yet durable textured vinyl

          Benefits of Emotiva Airmotiv SE8 8" Flex Subwoofer: 

          Compact, Versatile and Flexible Subwoofer
          Compact, Versatile and Flexible Subwoofer

          Compact enough to fit conveniently in a typical den or living room, the cabinet of the Airmotiv SE8 is covered in attractive and durable textured black vinyl, with all connections and controls located discreetly on the rear. The front baffle features a beautiful, removable sculpted fabric grille. In addition to excellent sound quality and a compact footprint, the Airmotiv SE8 features exceptionally versatile and flexible configuration options. The Airmotiv SE8 can connect to the LFE output on a home theatre preamp/processor or AVR, line outputs on a preamp, or directly to the speaker outputs of an AVR or stereo receiver that doesn’t include a sub output. The Airmotiv SE8 also includes a built-in precision electronic crossover and can upgrade any stereo preamp or DAC to a fully capable 2.1 channel system. Rear panel controls for Level, Phase, Crossover Frequency, and Turn-On Mode allow you to configure it to work perfectly with the rest of your system.

          Airmotiv Subwoofers
          Airmotiv Subwoofers

          If you want the absolute best in sound quality, no system is complete without a high-quality subwoofer. Emotiva Airmotiv Subwoofers are designed to sound great with both music and movies. They combine the raw power necessary to reproduce the sound of a rocket taking off, or the roar of a speeding locomotive, with the precision and finesse you need to hear the subtlest details in a complex bass line. The Airmotiv SE8 Flex Subwoofer is the newest member of Emotiva's family of Airmotiv subwoofers. Each Airmotiv sub includes a downward-firing heavy duty high excursion powered bass driver, a front-mounted performance-matched high excursion passive radiator, and a powerful audiophile quality amplifier. The cabinet of the Airmotiv SE8 is crafted of heavily braced acoustically inert MDF, with integral shock-absorbing feet, and the entire cabinet is coated with durable yet attractive textured vinyl. The understated design aesthetic includes an attractive removable sculpted fabric grill and blends well with almost any decor. All of the controls and connections are located conveniently out of sight on the rear panel.

          Where to buy?
          Buy Emotiva Airmotiv SE8 8" Flex Subwoofer online at the best price in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and all across India. Enjoy expert, prompt and courteous customer service from the Ooberpad team. We will help you choose better and give you all the support you need to take the right buying decision in India.

          Technical Specifications of Emotiva Airmotiv SE8 8" Flex Subwoofer:

          Brand & Model # Emotiva Airmotiv SE8
          Driver Complement
          • Active driver: 8” downward firing heavy duty long throw subwoofer with a vented steel frame, rubber surround, and treated paper cone.
          • Passive radiator: 8” front firing passive radiator with a steel frame, rubber surround, and treated paper cone.
          Electrical Specifications
          • Amplifier: 200 Watt RMS, cool running, audiophile quality, high efficiency Class D
          • amplifier.
          • Protection: Acoustically transparent limiter.
          • Frequency response: 33 Hz - 200 Hz (+/- 3 dB).
          • Stereo left and right unbalanced RCA inputs
          • LFE unbalanced RCA input
          • Speaker level left and right inputs
          • Stereo left and right unbalanced RCA stereo inputs
          • (with user-configurable 60/80/100 Hz high-pass bass management crossover).
          • Volume
          • X-Over Frequency (low-pass)
          • High-pass Crossover Frequency
          • Phase
          Power mode
          • AC power: User selectable line voltage;
          • 115 VAC/60 Hz (6.3A Fuse); 230 VAC/50 Hz (3A Fuse).
          • Heavy, acoustically inert MDF cabinet, covered on all sides with tough
          • attractive textured vinyl. Includes a removable sculpted fabric grill with heavy vibration resistant MDF support frame.
          • Feet: Permanently attached feet with anti-slip rubber pads.
          • Enclosure Loading: Tuned passive radiator.
          • 11-3/4” high x 11-3/4” wide x 11-3/4” deep unboxed.
            17" x 17" x 17" boxed.
            (add ¾” for grill; add 1-1/2” for feet)
          • Feet: Permanently attached feet with anti-slip rubber pads.
          • Weight: 19.2 lbs unboxed.
            25 lbs boxed.

          PN: All Pre-order/On-Order/Special-Color takes minimum 4-6 weeks to arrange from brand. Please speak with Customer Support Representative incase of any queries.

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