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Naim Audio at Ooberpad: British Audio Engineering Excellence

Naim Audio’s founder, Julian Vereker was frustrated with the quality of music reproduction after recording his friends playing live and turned from building his own racing cars to experimenting with amplifiers.

Founded in 1972, Naim Audio got its start in Salisbury and its first consumer product for home was the NAP 200 power amplifier. It embodied and epitomised its three pillars of fantastic hi-fi sound: pace, rhythm and timing.

Naim Audio would go on to build preamps and CD players and in 1993, start its own record label, Naim Records dedicated to independent, uncompromising, eclectic sound. By the late 2000s Naim had partnered with Bentley to develop their in-car audio system and has recently ventured into marine audio as part of a tie-up with Princess Yachts.

Their most recent product line, the Mu-so all-in-one wireless music system has entered the second generation in its product lifecycle. It continues to be one of the most capable multi-room audio systems in the market and has won multiple awards along with its more compact sibling, the Qb.

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As always, we advise users to check compatibility on their Naim audio products and other devices before pairing them together. Our team of experts can guide you in selecting the right combination of hardware for your particular needs.

All Naim audio products come with a minimum standard 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Our range of Naim audio products at Ooberpad are perfect for home theatre systems or stereo/multi-channel audio applications. Every element within Naim audio systems is crafted to create a silence around the sound, reducing any interference between the listener and the intention of the artist.

They achieve this through tireless attention to four fundamentals in their engineering:

1) space

2) circuitry

3) purposeful materiality

4) technology

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Are Naim audio amplifiers good?

A. Naim audio amplifiers provide amazing sound for the money and are a good fit in home theatre or multi-channel audio systems. Although they got their start making power amplifiers, their latest product, the Mu-so 2nd generation wireless music system is an extremely capable all-in-one system that appeals to the most hardcore audiophiles and semi-casual listeners alike.

Q. Are Naim audio products worth buying?

A. Naim audio products can be found in everything from luxury cars and yachts to more austere home audio applications and provide exceptional sound for the money. They are purpose-built to deliver pure sound and use high-quality materials that do not compromise performance. By integrating sophisticated electronic design and software development, they are built on the back of pristine engineering and acoustics to deliver a truly advanced sonic experience.