Definitive Technology Descend Series DN12 12” Subwoofer

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Country of Origin: Usa

Ooberpad brings to you the dynamic, power-packed Descend Series DN12 - Ultra-Performance, 1500W 12" Subwoofer with Dual 12" Bass Radiators. Loaded with custom technologies such as 3XR™ Architecture and Intelligent Phase Control™, the DN12 packs a punch with truly stellar bass into any system. The Descend DN12 has a 12" long-throw woofer driven by a super-clean, efficient 500-watt RMS Class H amplifier. A pair of side-firing 12" passive radiators extend the sub's low-frequency output. Essentially this design produces bass similar to a 15" sub, but with a smaller cabinet. That means you can enjoy accurate, hard-hitting bass without taking up as much space in your room.


3-year manufacturer's warranty

Key Features:

  • 3XR™ Architecture
  • Intelligent Phase Control™
  • 1500W Peak Class H Digital Amplifier
  • Plays as Low as 25Hz
  • Advanced 56-Bit DSP
  • 12" Driver and Dual 12" Bass Radiators

          Benefits of Definitive Technology Descend Series DN12 12" Subwoofer: 

          3XR™ Architecture - More Bass from the Same Space
          3XR™ Architecture - More Bass from the Same Space

          The DN12’s 3XR Architecture provides triple the bass-producing radiating surface area of a traditional 12” ported subwoofer. This extra surface area moves more air, enabling the DN12 to play as loud and low as two similarly-sized 12” ported subwoofers. And because 3XR doesn’t use ports, DN12 also provides crystal-clear bass with no port noise distortion.

          Passive Radiators for louder, lower, cleaner bass
          Passive Radiators for louder, lower, cleaner bass

          As the core technology behind Descend’s 3XR Architecture, its passive bass radiators enable the DN12 to play as loud and low as a 15” ported sub without unwanted port noise distortion. Passive radiators also deliver a smooth frequency response like a sealed sub, but with the port-like ability to play louder and lower in a smaller enclosure. What you get is the best of both worlds: louder, clearer bass than a ported sub from a smaller enclosure than a sealed sub.

          Pure Impact - Reference-level Performance
          Pure Impact - Reference-level Performance

          Powered by Class H digital amplification, and with an advanced 56-bit DSP that includes three custom EQ modes, DN12 plays exceptionally impactful bass down to 25Hz.

          Custom Class H Digital Amplification for pure, commanding performance down to 20Hz

          The DN12’s advanced 1500W peak Class H digital amplifier delivers continuous power to cleanly reproduce sustained bass below 25Hz. With real-time monitoring and adjustments to the sliding rail voltage, the DN12 delivers considerably higher power during short, transient peaks such as bass drum kicks and on-screen artillery blasts.

          Advanced 56-Bit DSP for distortion-free longevity and impact

          The advanced 56-bit Digital Signal Processor (DSP) extends and improves the DN12’s bass response. The DSP tightly monitors and controls the woofer system to prevent distortion and woofer damage at ultra-high volumes with a minimum of audible artifacts.

          Built-in EQ Modes for the right sound every time

          With three built-in performance EQs modes, the DN12 can be optimized to your room and listening preferences and adjusted to match whatever you're listening to.

          Flat Mode

          The DN12’s default setting out of the box, Flat Mode provides the most balanced performance, as determined by our acoustic experts, providing the perfect harmony between low-end extension and full spectrum maximum output.

          Control and Customization

          With breakthrough technologies such as Intelligent Phase Control™, easy settings management with its dedicated remote control, and advanced custom integration capabilities, the DN12 is easily optimized to the specifics of your system.

          Intelligent Phase Control™ for flawless system blending

          Intelligent Phase Control™ provides a full 360 degrees of customizable phase adjustment, always centered around the settings of the low-pass filter. This provides the ability to tune the subwoofer for minimal group delay between speakers and a flawless blending experience between your speakers and the subwoofer. 

          Intelligent Phase Control is available in the Descend DN12 and DN15 subwoofers.

          Remote Control with On-sub LED Display for adjustments on the fly

          Easily adjust the DN12’s volume level, phase, and EQ with its slim remote control. There’s no need to constantly get up to manually change settings or wonder if you’ve gotten them right.

          Multiple Subwoofers for smoother bass throughout the room

          While a single subwoofer can add bass and enhanced realism to any system, it may not provide consistent frequency response throughout the room. When two or more subwoofers are properly employed throughout the room, sound waves disperse more evenly, flattening the frequency response. The result is smoother bass throughout the room, helping to eliminate boomy locations or dead spots.

          Custom Integration Ready for complete controllability

          With both 12V input and IR pass-through, you have the ability to pair the subwoofer with most control systems and place the subwoofer wherever you want in the room and still experience full functionality.

          Where to buy?
          Buy Definitive Technology Descend Series DN12 12” Subwoofer online at the best price in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and all across India. Enjoy expert, prompt and courteous customer service from the team. We will help you choose better and will give you all the support you need to take the right buying decision in India.

          Technical Specifications of Definitive Technology Descend Series DN12 12” Subwoofer:

          Brand & Model #

          Definitive Technology DN12

          • Colors Midnight: Black
          • Transducers: 12” Long-Throw woofer
          • Passive Radiators: Dual 12” 3XR™ Configuration
          • Bass Type: Bass Radiator
          • Feet: Permanently Installed Feet with Rubber Pad (no leveling)
          • Dimensions: 18.72" x 18.04" x 19.09"
            475.5 x 458.2 x 484.8mm

          Frequency Response
          • Amplifier Type: Class H Digital
          • Peak Power: 1500W
          • Continuous (RMS): 500W
          • Frequency Response (-/+ 3dB): 25 Hz → 150 Hz
          • Low-Pass Crossover Freq: 40 Hz → 120 Hz
          • Phase Adjustment: -135 to 180 degrees (by 45 degree increments)
          • Power Supply: Internal
            IEC 3 prong Jack
            120V/240V switch
          • Europe (<.5W Compliance) Yes

          • LFE: Single RCA
          • Speaker: Left/Right 5-Way binding posts

          • Main Power: On/Off
          • Volume Control: +/-/ Mute Buttons
          • Low Pass Control: +/- Buttons
          • Phase Control: Toggle Button
          • Status RGB LED: Yes

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