Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) 803 D3 Floorstanding Speaker (Pair)

₹ 1,975,000.00

Are you sitting down? Because we have some fantastic news. The Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) 803 D3 Floorstanding Speaker is now available online on Ooberpad. This ultra premium floor standing pair of speakers is one of the most exclusive English brands of speakers.

Coming to your doorstep all the way from Great Britain, the 803 D3 is one speaker not to be missed. This beauty is in the top range of compact speakers to be ever manufactured by Bowers & Wilkins. While it retains many of the qualities of its sibling speakers, it is designed to be room-friendly in size.

The 803 D3 is an elegant and compact floor-standing speaker that is capable of delivering exceptional quality sound. The 803 D3 features a Diamond Dome tweeter, a continuum cone, an Aerofoil bass and a compact midrange head - all of these features club together to create something truly exclusive and something that will be the pride of your entertainment unit.

The first-in-its-kind, the 803 D3 is a full-range, studio-quality speaker that has been specially designed for homes. This wonderfully compact speaker is room-friendly, but don’t let its compact size fool you. It is loaded with features and shares the same revolutionary technology as used in its significantly larger counterparts, including the turbine head and reverse-wrap cabinet.


5-year manufacturer's warranty

Key Features:

    • Premium-grade 3-way vented-box floorstanding speaker system
    • Features dual 7” Aerofoil cone bass drivers & 5” Continuum fibre cone FST™ midrange driver
    • Ultra-clear 1" Diamond Dome high-frequency tweeter 
    • Unique Flowport™ for placement next to walls without quality loss
    • Optimum Matrix Crossover Tuning for amazing powerful, loudness and clarity 
    • Anti-Resonance Plug & Turbine head
    • Classy Gloss Black finish with a matching black grille
    • Powered by technologies found in B&W's flagship and iconic speakers

      Benefits of B&W 803 D3 Floorstanding Speaker: 

      Perfectly formed elegant Floorstander

      Benefits of B&W 803 D3 Floorstanding Speaker

      Thanks to exceptional features like the Diamond dome tweeter, Continuum Cone, Aerofoil Bass and a Compact Mid-range head, the 803 D3 delivers high quality sound every single time. This remarkable speaker might be smaller in size in comparison to its sister speakers, but it has the capacity to blow your mind. It’s revolutionary features include a turbine head and a reverse-wrap cabinet.

      Solid body Diamond Dome Tweeter
      Solid body Diamond Dome Tweeter

      They say that diamonds make exceptionally amazing tweeters. So when Bowers & Wilkins design the 803 D3 floor-standing speaker, they ensured that it was fitted with a solid body Diamond Dome tweeter. This 25mm (1") diamond dome high-frequency tweeter is housed in a solid piece of aluminium and yet it is Incredibly light in weight. But don’t let the light weight worry you, since it is built from diamonds you can only imagine how incredibly strong it is and the quality of natural treble it can deliver, every single time. 

      High-performance Continuum midrange driver

      High-performance Continuum midrange driver 

      A must-have feature in a premium quality speaker is the presence of a continuum cone. This cone can deliver perfect mid-range performance by effectively negating break-up behaviour. The 803 D3 floorstander features a 130mm (5") continuum cone FST™ midrange that is an imminent factor responsible for its pristine audio quality.

      Superior and accurate bass performance

      Superior and accurate bass performance

      When you bring home a Bowers & Wilkins speaker, you know you have settled for nothing but the best. The 803 D3 features an all-new low-frequency driver unit that sports dual 180mm (7")  Aerofoil cone bass units. How do these cone bass units help with an accurate bass performance? The Aerofoil cone’s variable thickness provides an additional layer of strength so it can maintain its pistonic shape while simultaneously deliver rock solid bass. Due to its usage of the latest in technology and large build volume, the 803 D3 gives you an unmatched sound performance and brings out the best in your home theatre system.

      Reverse Wrap Cabinet
      Reverse Wrap Cabinet

      The 803 D3 features an innovative innovative plinth that provides an incredibly solid base for the 800 Series Diamond. Its spikes are positioned below the cabinet in such a way that users can switch between castors and spikes easily thereby having the power to customize their sound.

      Turbine Head
      Turbine Head

      Bowers & Wilkins have on board the best sound engineers that understand the importance of an ideal shape for ideal sound dispersion. The Turbine head on the 803 D3 speaker has an internally ribbed, aluminium construction that ensures that it is acoustically inert.
      Where to buy?

      The Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) 803 D3 Floorstanding Speaker is available online at the best price in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and all across India. Enjoy expert, prompt and courteous customer service from the Ooberpad team. We will help you choose better and give you all the support you need to take the right buying decision in India.

      Technical Specifications of B&W 803 D3 Floorstanding Speaker:

      Brand & Model # B&W 803 D3 Floorstanding Speaker
      Enclosure Type
      3-way vented-box system
      Drive Units
      1x ø25mm (1 in) diamond dome high-frequency
      1x ø130mm (5 in) Continuum cone FST™ midrange
      2x ø180mm (7 in) Aerofoil cone bass units
      Frequency Range
      16Hz to 35kHz
      Frequency Response 
      (+/-3dB from reference axis)
      19Hz to 28kHz
      Harmonic distortion
      2nd and 3rd harmonics (90dB, 1m on axis) <1 % 70Hz - 20kHz <0.3% 100Hz - 20kHz
      90dB (2.83V, 1m)
      Nominal Impedance
      8Ω (minimum 3.0Ω)
      Recommended Amplifier Power
      50W - 500W into 8Ω on unclipped programme
      Max. recommended cable impedance
      Height: 1160mm (45.7 in)
      Width: 334mm (13.1 in)  
      Depth: 498mm (19.6 in)
      65.5kg (144lb)

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