Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) MT-60D Home Theater 5.1 Channel Speaker Package

₹ 455,000.00

Ooberpad presents a premium-grade 5.1 channel home theatre speaker system from Bowers & Wilkins (B&W). Designed and engineered in England, the Bowers & Wilkins MT-60D Mini Theatre sports a range of multichannel speakers to deliver high-fidelity audio performance. The package five units of the Bowers & Wilkins M1 compact satellite speakers for the front, centre and surround channels and a B&W PV1D powered subwoofer.

The versatile B&W M-1 satellite provides all five speakers in this multi-channel surround system, delivering a coherent and cohesive sound from a compact build size. The PV1D is a compact powered subwoofer sporting an 8” woofer driven by a 400 W built-in amplifier ideal for big sound in smaller spaces. Together the system delivers both amazing value and an immersive cinematic soundscape.

The MT-60D Mini Theatre speakers are perfect for building a premium surround sound system from Bowers & Wilkins. Enjoy B&W’s legendary sound quality from your movies and music in your home theatre, entertainment or gaming system.


5-year manufacturer's warranty

Package includes:

5 nos B&W M1 Satellite Speakers (Front, Centre & Surround)
1 no B&W PV1D powered subwoofer

Key Features:

  • Premium-grade B&W 5.1 channel speaker system engineered in England
  • M1 features 4” mid-bass driver and 1” aluminium dome tweeter
  • M1 swivels to work as a centre channel speaker
  • Satellite speaker can be wall-mounted or placed on a bookshelf/tabletop
  • Features high-quality Kevlar drivers with B&W’s Nautilus technology
  • Wide dispersion drivers and tweeters for an immersive three-dimensional soundscape
  • Impressive bass from the PV1D compact powered subwoofer with 8” driver & built-in 400 W amplifier
  • The subwoofer features Stereo Line In (2x RCA Phono) and Speaker Level In (5m cable supplied)
  • Wall mounting bracket included (for M1) with optional floor stands available (sold separately)

    Benefits of B&W MT-60D Mini Theatre 5.1 Channel Surround Speaker System:

    A new standard in compact home theatre 

    Forming the basis of a completely revised Mini Theatre concept, the new M-1 combines a cleaner aesthetic with dramatically improved performance. Its extended bass response and versatile performance allow the M-1 to be used as the front, centre and surround channel speakers. Additionally, wall mounting brackets are included with optional floor stands available (sold separately).

    A unified & integrated cabinet

    The key to the B&W M-1’s rock-solid sound is its unified, integrated structure. It all fits together beautifully, with a minimum of noise-inducing seams, joints and discontinuities. The result is a speaker that’s rigid, well-damped and air-tight. You can put an M-1 on a bookshelf. Or mount it on a wall. Or position it on its own floor-length stand. It can swivel to a horizontal position, for when you want to use one as a centre-channel speaker.

    Unobtrusive cable management

    B&W M-1’s clamshell cabinet is formed from just two interlocking, continuously curving sections. So no hard lines to distract the eye. In the same way, a power cable enters a well-designed table lamp at its base and passes up through the stand, the M-1’s signal cable disappears into the back of the table plinth stand, from where the signal reaches the speaker via a specially-designed, pre-wired arm support.

    Powerful bass reproduction from a compact subwoofer


    Providing the bass channel in this surround sound set up, the award-winning B&W PV1D offers amazing power and control from a compact build size. The subwoofer integrates beautifully with the M-1 satellites, creating a coherent, seamless soundscape. Its ultra-solid construction, 8” woofer and 400 W Class D amplifier deliver maximum bass precision & output.

    Kevlar bass driver diaphragms

    The subwoofers 8” driver is constructed from a blend of DuPont™ KEVLAR® fibre, paper pulp and resin to provide the stiffness to withstand high physical forces exerted by the voice coil and pressures inside the cabinet. The result is deep, powerful and tight bass response from a compact build size.

    Advanced input connectivity and bass management

    The subwoofer features Stereo Line In (2x RCA Phono) and Speaker Level In (5m cable supplied) inputs. For easy bass management, the B&W PV1D subwoofer integrates 5 Presets, Input sensitivity (analogue), Gain (digital), Low-pass filter with frequency, slope & phase selection, Auto on/standby, Trigger on/standby, Trigger preset switching and RS-232 automation control.

    Where to buy?

    Buy Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) MT-60D 5.1 Ch speaker package online at the best price in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and all across India. Enjoy expert, prompt and courteous customer service from the Ooberpad team. We will help you choose better and give you all the support you need to take the right buying decision in India.

    Technical Specifications of B&W M-1 Lifestyle Satellite Speaker:

    Speakers B&W M-1 Satellite Speaker
    Speaker Use Satellite Speaker
    2-way vented-box system
    Drive Units

    1x ø25mm (1in) metal dome high-frequency
    1x ø100mm (4in) woven glass fibre cone bass/midrange

    Frequency range
    -6dB at 55Hz and 50kHz
    Frequency response 
    64Hz - 23kHz ±3dB on reference axis
    Crossover frequency
    Within 2dB of reference response Horizontal: over 60º arc Vertical: over 10º arc
    85dB spl (2.83V, 1m)
    Harmonic distortion 
    2nd and 3rd harmonics (90dB, 1m) <1% 120Hz - 30kHz
    Crossover frequencies
    Nominal impedance
    8Ω (minimum 4Ω)
    Recommended Amplifier Power
    20W – 100W into 8Ω on unclipped programme
    Height: 248mm (9.8in)
    Width: 114mm (4.5in)
    Depth: 162mm (6.4in) Mounted on table stand
    2.3kg (5lb) including table stand

    Technical Specifications of B&W PV1D Powered Subwoofer: 

    Brand & Model # B&W PV1D Subwoofer
    Powered subwoofer
    Drive Units
    2x ø200mm (8in) paper/Kevlar /aluminium cone long-throw
    Power Output
    400 Watts
    Rated power consumption
    150 Watts
    Standby power consumption
    <1 Watts
    Input impedance
    87dB spl (2.83V, 1m)

    Stereo Line In (2x RCA Phono)
    Speaker Level In
    (5m cable supplied)


    5 Presets
    Input sensitivity (analogue)
    Gain (digital)
    Low-pass filter frequency
    Low-pass filter slope
    Low-pass filter phase
    Auto on/standby
    Trigger on/standby
    Trigger preset switching
    RS-232 automation control


    Height: 342mm (13.5in)
    Width: 270mm (10.6in)
    Depth: 358mm (14.1in)

    18.7kg (41lb)

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