Crestron CLSI-C6W iLux Integrated Lighting System (White)

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Ooberpad presents the Crestron CLSI-C6W iLux Integrated Lighting System, designed for wall mount installation in boardrooms, auditoriums, home theaters, practically anywhere. Cost-effective, innovative and reliable, the CLSI-C6W comines high-quality dimming, native shade control, configurable rocker buttons, extensive integration ability, and many other advanced features—making it an ideal solution.


1-year manufacturer's warranty

Key Features:

  • Wall-mount integrated lighting and shade control
  • Six channels of dimming or switching
  • Six groups of shade and drape control
  • Supports Cresnet® Occupancy Sensors and Shades[2]
  • Linkable for up to 54 lighting channels and 54 shade groups
  • Up to 16 user-settable scenes
  • Seven configurable "rocker" buttons with customizable label strip
  • Large ON and OFF buttons
  • Flip-up front cover reveals setup controls and programming port
  • Six bargraphs show lighting levels and shade positions
  • Easy setup from the front panel or iLux® Designer software

Benefits of Crestron CLSI-C6 iLux Integrated Lighting System:

Six Channel Dimming

Featuring six dimming channels - LED, incandescent, magnetic low-voltage, neon/cold cathode, and 2-wire dimmable fluorescent loads, the CLSI-C6 is loaded with features. Each channel has an operating capacity of 800 watts individually and a combined capacity of up to 2400 watts. This means larger and additional loads can also be supported using Crestron CLS-EXP Series expansion modules.

Six Group Shade Control

The CLSI-C6 features shade and drape controllers that enables versatile control of motorized windows, screens and lifts in up to six shade groups. Additionally, it supports Crestron Shades that use Cresnet® communication systems.

Versatile Front Panel Controls

The lighting system is built-in with a front panel that allows an extensive amount of control and customization so that each room can be lit up differently. It also features large switch on and off buttons that provide instant access to the controlling all rooms at once. It also has six other buttons that can be configured to recall preset scenes, adjust shades and perform a host of other useful and unique functions. The buttons have a rocker action that enables intuitive and tactile control allowing users to adjust various lighting levels and shade positions. An additional up and down button can be configured to work a variety of functions like using them as a master light or using the shift button to expand the capabilities of the six main buttons. With each new scene selection, users can reposition window shades and watch as the lights fade elegantly according to their new settings. Each selected scene is indicated by a white LED beside each button; what’s more, a customizable label strip allows each button to be clearly labeled using Crestron Engraver software or standard 3/8" tape labels.

But that’s not all, dimming levels and shade positions are displayed graphically on six green LED bar graphs that can be accessed from behind a flip-up front cover. The system also provides additional controls and a numeric display hidden beneath the cover that allows setting up without using a PC. Enhanced customization is provided via the PC programming port using iLux Designer software.

Multipoint Keypad Control

The CLSI-C6W features a multipoint keypad which allows connectivity with up to 16 Crestron keypads. This keypad may be connected to a single CLSI-C6 and will help provide multiple point control for rooms.

Multi-Unit Expansion

Support up to 8 additional CLSI-C6 or CLSI-C6M units using one CLSI-C6 master. Users can enable up to 54 lighting zones and 54 shade groups and simultaneously operate typical functions like scene recall, scene off, master dimming, and occupancy status. Also, each individual unit can still support a complete assortment of local devices including keypads and shade controllers.

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Technical Specifications of Crestron CLSI-C6W iLux Integrated Lighting System 

Brand & Model # Crestron CLSI-C6W
Load Ratings
Dimmer Channels 6
Maximum Per Channel
800 Watts/VA (3.5 Amps @ 230 Volts AC)
Minimum Per Channel
25 Watts/VA (0.108 Amps @ 230 Volts AC)
Module Total
2200 Watts/VA (10 Amps @ 220 Volts AC);
2300 Watts/VA (10 Amps @ 230 Volts AC);
2400 Watts/VA (10 Amps @ 240 Volts AC)
Load Types
LED[1], Incandescent, Magnetic Low-voltage, Neon/Cold Cathode, 2-Wire Dimmable Fluorescent, & Non-Dim Lighting (also: Electronic Low-voltage, 3- and 4-Wire Fluorescent, High-Inrush Switching, & 277V via CLS-EXP Series expansion modules)
Power Requirements
220 to 240 Volts AC, 50/60Hz line power
(1) 4-pin 5mm detachable terminal block;
Cresnet® Master port for local devices including:C2N-DB and CNX-B Series keypads, 16 maximum; C2N-SSC-2 and C2N-SDC-DC shade controllers; 16 maximum; Additional CLSI-C6 or CLSI-C6M units, 8 maximum; Additional CNPWSI-75 or other Cresnet power supply required beyond 4 devices; C2N-SDC-DC always requires an additional power supply
(1) 4-pin 5mm detachable terminal block;
Cresnet Slave port for connection to a control system
(1) Captive screw terminal[3], line power input
(6) Captive screw terminals[3], dimmer channel outputs 1 – 6
NEUTRAL (1) Captive screw terminal[3]
GROUND (1) Captive screw terminal[3]
PC (front)
(1) 3.5mm TRS mini-phone jack, RS-232 Programming port
Buttons 1 – 6
(6) 3-position rocker pushbuttons; configurable to recall (or toggle recall/off) individual scenes, control shades, or for master lighting or shade control; “scene mastering” option enables manual dimming utilizing rocker button action; also used to adjust lighting levels when in “Lighting” mode and shade positions when in “Shades” mode; additional functionality configurable via software
Up/Down Button
(1) 3-position rocker pushbutton; configurable for master lighting or shade control, or as a “shift” for Buttons 1-6; additional functionality configurable via software
ON (1) pushbutton, recalls “On” scene
OFF (1) pushbutton, turns all lights off
(2) Pushbuttons, select “Lights” or “Shades” modes
(4) Pushbuttons, navigate and execute setup functions
Recessed miniature pushbutton for hardware reset
Dimming Ramp Rate
5 seconds (default), software adjustable 1 to 10 seconds
Scene Fade Time
2 seconds (default), software adjustable 0 seconds to 99 minutes
LED Indicators
(6-white) Correspond with each “Scene” Button
High/Low (2-white) Indicate “Shift” status
(1-white) Indicates “On” Scene is selected
(2-green) Indicates “Lights” or “Shades” mode is active
(2-green) Correspond with “Save” and “Cancel” Buttons
(2-green) Indicates display of “Minutes” or “Seconds”
1 – 6
(6-green) 7-Segment bargraphs, indicate lighting levels and shade positions
Numeric Display
(2-green) 8-Segment digits, indicates modes and setup values
IR Receiver
Reception Frequency 36 kHz
Temperature 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)
Humidity 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
Height 4.48 in (114 mm)
Width 8.89 in (226 mm)
Depth 2.47 in (63 mm)
Weight 1.43 lb (649 g)

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