Crestron MPC3-102-B 3-Series® Media Presentation Controller 102, Black

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Country of Origin: Usa

The 3-Series® Media Presentation Controller 102 (MPC3-102) is a wall-mounted, PoE-powered 3-Series Control System® automated processor and control panel in one. Its modern appearance and customizable backlit capacitive buttons provide an ideal user interface for controlling AV and other functions. It offers fully-programmable functionality, supports web and cloud-based configuration and management, and integrates with Crestron Fusion® software as part of a complete managed enterprise solution. A wall-mounted, PoE-powered 3-Series Control System® automated processor and control panel in one. Features a modern appearance with customizable backlit capacitive buttons. Mounts in a 1-gang U.S. electrical box. A retrofit 2-gang U.S. wall mounting option is also available.

Key Features:

  • Modular output card for a DM-MD8X8, DM-MD16X16, or DM-MD32X32 switcher
  • Provides two independent 4K HDMI® outputs
  • Includes a discrete 4K/60 scaler on each output
  • Upscales video and computer sources to match the native resolution of any screen up to Ultra HD and 4K
  • Downscales 4K, UHD, and ultra high-resolution computer signals to enable viewing on 1080p and lower-resolution displays
  • Handles any input resolution from standard NTSC 480i or PAL 576i, to UHD and 4K
  • Provides intelligent frame rate conversion
  • Includes content-adaptive noise reduction
  • Includes motion-adaptive de-interlacing
  • Allows adjustable overscan or underscan up to 7.5%
  • Provides automatic 3D to 2D signal conversion [2]
  • Supports up to 8x8 video wall processing using multiple cards
  • Handles Dolby® TrueHD, Dolby Atmos®, DTS-HD®, and uncompressed 7.1 linear PCM audio
  • HDCP 2.2 compliant
  • Each output includes a balanced analog stereo audio output with volume control [4]
  • Audio de-embedding allows extraction of stereo 2-channel audio signals
  • Enables device control via CEC
  • Occupies a single DM switcher output card slot 


Benefits of Crestron MPC3-102-B  3-Series® Media Presentation Controller 102:

Perfect for classrooms, meeting rooms, lecture halls, and training facilities

Crestron® MPC3 series controllers are perfect for classrooms, meeting rooms, lecture halls, and training facilities – wherever a simple yet powerful controller is needed but space is limited. Use the MPC3-102 to control a video display or AV system, adjust lighting and window shades, or any other custom application.

The MPC3-102 is designed for flush-mount installation in a wall using a 1-gang U.S. electrical box (not included). It can also be installed in a podium with no back box. A retrofit mounting bracket is also available to allow installation over a 2-gang U.S. electrical box, which offers an easy upgrade solution to replace an older MPC-M5 series controller.

Customizable Backlit Capacitive Buttons

The MPC3-102 features nine backlit capacitive buttons, which can each be labeled using the icon chips provided, or custom labeled using laser-engravable chips (sold separately). Each button is backlit blue when active and white when inactive to provide clear indication of what media source or lighting scene is currently selected. Four additional buttons are included at the bottom along with a volume gauge for control of volume, mute, and power.

All buttons on the MPC3-102 are custom programmable to control any device or function. Built-in proximity sensing wakes the buttons as you approach, and autobrightness control maintains optimal visibility of the buttons under varying lighting conditions.

3-Series® Control Engine

The MPC3-102 features an integrated, enterprise-grade 3-Series control processor. Crestron 3-Series delivers a dynamic and secure control system platform capable of faithfully managing a room full of disparate technologies. Its Modular Programming Architecture (optional[1]) allows the MPC3-102 to run multiple programs simultaneously for increased efficiency and flexibility. Rock solid networking and IP control afford seamless integration with other systems and devices, with add-on control capability using Crestron touch screens, wireless remotes, and mobile device apps, and remote management through Crestron Fusion® software and XiO Cloud® service.


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      Technical Specifications of Crestron MPC3-102-B  3-Series® Media Presentation Controller 102, Black:

      Brand & Model #

      CCrestron MPC3-102-B  3-Series® Media Presentation Controller 102, Black

      Control Engine

       Crestron 3-Series; real-time, preemptive multithreaded/multitasking kernel; transaction-safe extended FAT file system; battery-backed nonvolatile real-time clock; supports up to 10 simultaneously running programs (license required [1]), preloaded .AV Framework base program


      100 Mbps, autoswitching, autonegotiating, autodiscovery, full/half duplex, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, CIP, DHCP, SSL, TLS, SSH, SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol), FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption, IEEE 802.1X, SNMP, BACnet/IP [2], IPv4 or IPv6, Active Directory authentication, SMTP email client, HTTPS web server, HTTPS web browser setup and Crestron XiO Cloud client, IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at Type 1 PoE compliant



      Key Click Sounds when any button is pressed, adjustable to one of three volume settings or off


      HDMI HDCP 2.2, EDID, CEC 


      LAN PoE (1) 8-pin RJ45 connector, female;
      100Base-TX Ethernet port;
      PoE (Power over Ethernet) PD (Powered Device) port
      COM (1) 3-pin 3.5 mm detachable terminal block;
      Bidirectional RS-232 port;
      Up to 115.2k baud, hardware and software handshaking support

      I/O / IR

      (1) 5-pin 3.5 mm detachable terminal block;
      Comprises (2) Versiport digital input/output or analog input ports (referenced to GND) and (1) IR/Serial port

      Digital Input: Rated for 0–24 VDC, input impedance 20k Ω, logic threshold >3.125V low/0 and <1.875V high/1;
      Digital Output: 250 mA sink from maximum 24 VDC, catch diodes for use with real world loads;
      Analog Input: Rated for 0–10 VDC, protected to 24 VDC maximum, input impedance 21k Ω with pull-up resistor disabled;
      Programmable 5 V, 2k Ω pull-up resistor per pin;

      IR/Serial output port;
      IR output up to 1.2MHz;
      1-way Serial TTL/RS-232 (0–5 V) up to 115.2k baud;
      (IRP2 emitter sold separately)
      NET (1) 3-pin detachable terminal block;
      Cresnet master port
      RELAY (1) 3-pin detachable terminal block;
      Comprises (2) normally open, isolated relays;
      Rated 1 Amp, 30 V AC/DC;
      MOV arc suppression across contacts
      Ground (1) 6-32 screw;
      Chassis ground lug (flying lead with ring terminal included)

      Controls and Indicators

      Assignable Buttons (9) Projected capacitive push buttons, each may be labeled using one of 25 prelabeled icon chips or hidden using one of five blackout chips (included), custom laser-etched icon chips are available using optional MPB3/MPC3-BTN3-B ENGRAVED engravable icon chips (sold separately)
      Mute (1) Projected capacitive push button with mute icon
      -/+ (2) Projected capacitive push buttons labeled with - (minus) and + (plus) icons for volume control
      Volume Gauge (1) Blue LED multisegment bargraph for volume level indication
      Power (1) Projected capacitive push button labeled with power icon
      HW-R (1) Push button (behind front panel) for hardware reset (reboots the processor)
      SW-R (1) Push button (behind front panel) for software reset (restarts the software program)
      Illumination Each capacitive button is individually backlit white when inactive and blue when active; autobrightness control adjusts all backlighting in three levels according to the ambient light level; backlighting may be dimmed or extinguished when unit enters idle state

      Light Sensor

      Photosensor detects the ambient light level to enable autobrightness control

      Proximity Sensor


      Eye-safe 940 nm laser ranging sensor


      Adjustable from 8 to 35 inches (20 to 90 cm)


      Power over Ethernet

      IEEE 802.3at Type 1 (802.3af compatible) Class 0 (12.95 W) PoE Powered Device

      Power Consumption

      4.5 W typical, 2.8 W idle



      41 to 104 °F (5 to 40 °C)


      10% to 90% RH (noncondensing)

       Heat Dissipation

      15.4 BTU/hr typical, 9.6 BTU/hr idle



      Plastic with metal mounting plate, removable front panel with optional security screw

       Flush Wall Mount

      Mounts in a 1-gang U.S. electrical box (not included), mounts in a 2-gang U.S. electrical box using MPC3-101/102/201-RMB retrofit mounting bracket (sold separately)

       Lectern Mount

      Mounts in a 2.85 in. (72 mm) H x 2.04 in. (52 mm) W rectangular cutout using bracket provided


      Height 4.62 in. (117 mm)
      3.02 in. (77 mm)
      Depth 2.02 in. (51 mm)
      9.59 oz (272 g)

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