DALI SUB C-8 D Powered Subwoofer

₹ 42,000.00

Ooberpad brings to you the DALI SUB C-8 D - powered subwoofer for home theatre systems. Unlike some subwoofers the DALI SUB C-8 D has been engineered to perform equally well with both music and movies. It is very important to us that a subwoofer can render a performance true to the input signal. Therefore a DALI subwoofer is everything but a ‘boombox’.

Placing a subwoofer is a very large part of creating the perfect audio reproduction. We recommend placing the SUB C-8 D in a corner or if that is not possible alongside a wall. This will maximise the bass output and the distribution around the room. The compact size of the SUB C-8 D makes placing it correctly much easier than many larger subwoofers.

The DALI SUB C-8 D is recommended as compliment to the ZENSOR and SPEKTOR series is compatible with all DALI loudspeakers as the perfect completion of a DALI surround set up..


2-years manufacturer's warranty

Key Features:

    • The SUB C-8 D features a 8” down-firing woofer
    • Cone is made from high-quality paper pulp resulting in a rigid cone with excellent breakup characteristics while at the same time being very lightweight and agile
    • DALI SUB C-8 D is able to deliver 250 Watt Peak Power.
    • Premium-grade LFE and LINE inputs for maximum signal fidelity
    • 220W RMS Class D amplifier with a highly linear response
    • The DALI SUB C-8 D is recommended as compliment to the ZENSOR and SPEKTOR series and is compatible with all DALI loudspeakers
    • SUB C-8 D features controls for volume adjustment, phase, and upper cut-off frequency

    Benefits of DALI SUB C-8 D Powered Subwoofer: 

    8" Woofer with a Rigid Cone Structure

    DALI SUB C-8 D is equipped with an 8” down-firing woofer. The cone is constructed from high-quality paper pulp resulting in a rigid cone with excellent breakup characteristics while at the same time being very lightweight and agile. The woofer engine is built around an ‘over-sized’ ferrite magnet and optimised for maximum flux within the voice coil gap. It was crucial for DALI's project team to enable the SUB C-8 D to render the finer low frequency details in music - also at high sound pressure levels. The measured values indicate that we reached a level of control and precision that is rarely to be found in this category at all. The voice coil is 26.5 mm long and built for long excursions. It is vented to ensure air-cooling to the system and the benefit is a stable impedance response. The pole piece is likewise vented for maximum cooling, and here the venting also reduces internal compression in the motor system. This ensures free movement of the cone without any over/under pressure affecting the performance. 

    High-efficiency 220 Watt RMS Class D amplifier   

    The integrated 220 Watt RMS Class D amplifier is a highly linear construction. The DALI SUB C-8 D will follow and render the required signal with an absolute minimum of bias. Designed not only for continuous power, but also for peak performances, the SUB C-8 D is able to deliver 220 Watt Peak Power. This is very relevant when it comes to both movie and music signals. Fitted with controls for gain, cut-off frequency, and phase, the DALI SUB C-8 D will adapt to any front speaker and room acoustics. And with a choice of LFE and LINE inputs it can be connected to almost any amplifier, receiver or processor. The switch mode power supply is part of the reason for very low power consumption - only 0.4 Watt in standby mode. And the amplifier displays an impressive efficiency of 70%. In unison the high-efficiency amplifier section and power supply construction generate an absolute minimum of heat loss. For that reason you will find no external heat sink on the SUB C-8 D.

    Rock-solid MDF cabinet for low-distortion and high-endurance

    The solid MDF cabinet is designed and manufactured to meet the tough DALI specifications. The enclosure comes in a choice of Black Ash or White finish, making it blend in perfectly with most speaker designs and room decors. The entire cabinet is effectively decoupled from the floor by means of four polymer based oversized spikes. Appearing to hover above the floor the distance of 30 mm eliminates any potential turbulence from the space between the cabinet and the floor itself. Still, the proximity to the floor ensures that the benefit of having a down-firing subwoofer is maintained; a higher efficiency and more freedom in positioning.

    Where to buy?

    Buy DALI SUB C-8 D Powered Subwoofer online at the best price in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and all across India. Enjoy expert, prompt and courteous customer service from the Ooberpad team. We will help you choose better and give you all the support you need to take the right buying decision in India.

    Technical Specifications of DALI SUB C-8 D Powered Subwoofer:

    Brand & Model # DALI SUB C-8 D
    Frequency Range (+/-3 dB) [Hz]
    33 - 200
    Maximum SPL [dB]
    Crossover Frequency [Hz]
    40 - 120
    Low frequency driver, Quantity
    1 x 8" long stroke
    Low frequency driver, Diaphragm type
    Paper Fibre Cone 
    Enclosure type
    Bass Reflex 
    Bass Reflex Tuning Frequency [Hz]
    Max. Amplifier Power Output [RMS watt] 220
    Continous IEC Power Output [RMS watt]
    Input Impedance [ohms]
    Connection Input
    Mono (LFE) 
    Stereo (low-pass filtered) 
    Magnetic Shielding
    Recommended Placement
    Recommended Distance From Wall [cm]
    10 - 30
    Crossover Frequency 
    Phase Switch 
    Standby (Auto Power) On/Off Switch 
    Volume (Gain)  
    Max. Power Consumption [W] 250
    Standby Power Consumption [W]
    Idle Power Consumption[W]
    Dimensions With Base (HxWxD) [mm]
    335 x 295 x 310
    Weight [kg] 10.4
    Accessories  Manual

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