Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2 Bookshelf Speaker + Elac Debut 2.0 OWB4.2 On-Wall Speaker + Elac Debut C5.2 Center-Channel Speaker + Elac Debut S8.2 Subwoofer

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It’s incredible, it’s powerful and it’s just what you have been looking for! Ooberpad presents the Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2 Bookshelf Speaker + Elac Debut 2.0 OWB4.2 On-Wall Speaker + Elac Debut C5.2 Center-Channel Speaker + Elac Debut S8 Subwoofer - a powerhouse of a combination, perfect for your entertainment center.

The Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2 Bookshelf Speaker features a frequency response between 44Hz-35000Hz and is fit with a custom-engineered 6.5" mid-bass driver and a 1" cloth dome tweeter for optimized performance. It delivers a sensitivity of 87db @2.83v/1m and its compact size and structural design are inspired by the award-winning original Debut B6 bookshelf speaker.

Complementing the Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2 Bookshelf speaker is the Elac Debut OWB4.2 On-Wall Speaker. It provides the listener with a surround-sound experience and its compact design and proportions make installation on side or rear walls extremely easy.  We’d call this speaker an invisible asset because even though it will be barely seen, it can make a huge impact.

An entertainment system is incomplete without a center-channel speaker and what better than the Elac Debut C5.2 Center-Channel Speaker to add to your entertainment unit. It gives listeners the experience of a mind-blowing home theatre system and is just as powerful as its sister speakers. Featuring an advanced build quality, custom-designed drivers, a high-performance crossover network and optimized cabinet tuning, the Elac Debut C5.2 center-channel speaker is a must-have for a life-like sound experience.

Last but not the least is the Elac Debut S8.2 subwoofer. A high-quality audio solution that completes the Elac Debut Combo package. It features a high-excursion down-firing 8" doped paper cone woofer which is driven by a hybrid BASH® amplifier, thereby delivering efficient and impactful sound. A combination of these features results in a powerful and deep bass output from a compact enclosure. What’s more? A 100 W built-in amplifier ensures ample power to deliver at low frequencies, so your favorite music sounds more realistic.

Package includes:

    Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2 Bookshelf Speakers (2 nos)
    Elac Debut 2.0 OWB4.2 On-Wall Speakers (2 nos)
    Elac Debut C5.2 Center-Channel Speaker (1 no)
    Elac Debut S8.2 Subwoofer (1 no)


    3-year manufacturer's warranty on Speakers
    1-year manufacturer's warranty on Subwoofer

    Key Features:

    • Elac Debut B6.2 are affordable audiophile-grade 2-way bookshelf speakers with 120W output
    • Front ported for easy placement against walls with quality loss
    • Elac Debut OWB4.2 has a slim design for use as a wall-mounted side or rear surround speakers with acoustic suspension (sealed) cabinet
    • 1" silk-dome tweeter with wide-dispersion waveguide for smooth, accurate highs and extended high-frequency response
    • Elac Debut C5.2 is a 2-way, 120 watts bass-reflex center-channel speaker system
    • 2 x 5.25” custom-designed woofer with aramid fiber cone
    • High-performance 100W powered subwoofer speaker
    • 8" high-excursion doped paper cone woofer in down-firing design
    • Built-in hybrid BASH® amplifier for higher power and efficiency
    • Housed in an MDF cabinet with a classy black ash vinyl finish
    • High-quality 5-way metal binding posts for maximum signal integrity

    Benefits of the package:  

    Ultra-wide frequency tweeter & wide-dispersion waveguide

    Ultra-wide frequency tweeter & wide-dispersion waveguid

    It is said that tweeters are the foundation of a good sound system and the Elac Debut series installs nothing but the best. It features revised silk-dome tweeters that supports a wide-roll surround sound and reproduces up to 35,000 Hz for a crisp and clear high-frequency response. Its updated waveguide improves direction control and reduces the diffraction to deliver an ultra-wide frequency response.

    Improved woven Aramid-Fiber woofer

    Improved woven Aramid-Fiber woofer

    Woofers work best when they are designed for an ideal sound delivery model. The improved shape of the aramid cone offers higher stiffness and damping - a system that is far superior to polypropylene or paper cones. This additional strength allows increased flexibility in design, thereby resulting in a smoother, faster low-frequency response.

    Robust cabinets for longevity and easy placement

    Robust cabinets for longevity and easy placement

    Hosted in a thick MDF cabinet with an ultra-sophisticated and luxurious black ash vinyl finish, the Elac Debut series are known for their feature of larger internal braces. These internal braces provide the stiffness, strength, and support required for great sound delivery. The result is a reduction in unwanted coloration and distortion caused by cabinet vibrations

    Dual Flared Vents

    Dual Flared Vents

    The Elac C5 center-channel speakers feature dual flared vents. These come in handy for the reduction of air turbulence. So the listener doesn’t experience any unwanted noise while the speaker delivers a tighter frequency response.

    Powerful, deep and accurate bass response

    Powerful, deep and accurate bass response

    The Elac Debut S8 is fitted with a long-excursion 8” bottom-firing driver in a clean, elegant, and robust cabinet. This exquisite design has been engineered to perfection by the legendary Andrew Jones and Elac’s design team. The design helps deliver a powerful, deep and accurate bass response even from a compact built.

    Where to buy?

    Buy the Elac combo package online at the best price in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and all across India. Enjoy expert, prompt and courteous customer service from the Ooberpad team. We will help you choose better and give you all the support you need to take the right buying decision in India. 

    Technical Specifications of the Speaker combo package: 

    Brand & Model #
    Elac B6.2
    Elac OWB4.2
    Elac C5.2
    Speaker Type
    2-way, bass reflex bookshelf 
    2-way, bass reflex on-wall
    2-way, bass reflex center-channel
    Frequency Response
    44 to 35,000 Hz
    70 to 35,000 Hz
    55 to 35,000 Hz
    Nominal Impedance
    6 Ω
    6 Ω
      8 Ω
    87 dB at 2.83 v/1m
    87 dB at 2.83 v/1m
    87 dB at 2.83 v/1m
    Crossover Frequency
    2200 Hz
    2500 Hz
    2,200 Hz
    Maximum Power input
    120 Watts
    80 Watts
    120 Watts
    1 inch cloth dome
    1 inch cloth dome
    1 inch cloth dome
    6.5-inch woven aramid-fiber cone with oversized magnet and vented pole piece
    4-inch woven aramid-fiber cone with oversized magnet
    2 x 5-1/4″ Aramid Fiber
    Cabinet Finish
    CARB2 rated MDF with 
    Black Ash Vinyl finish
    CARB2 rated MDF with Black Ash Vinyl finish
    CARB2 rated MDF
    Dual flared 
    Dual Flared
    2 x dual flared 
    Binding Posts

    5-way metal

    5-way metal
    5-way metal
    Width -  7.69 in / 195 mm

    Height - 14.76 in / 375 mm
    Depth - 10.55 in / 268 mm 

    Width - 7 7.87 in / 200 mm 

    Height - 12.76 in / 324 mm
    Depth - 3.94 / 100 mm 

    21.25 in / 540 mm 

    7.09 in / 180 mm
    8.62 in / 219 mm

    Net Weight
    16.3 lb / 7.4 kg
    7.9 lb / 3.6 kg
    18.3 lb / 8.3 kb


    Technical Specifications of Elac Debut S8.2 subwoofer: 

    Brand & Model #
    Elac S8.2 Subwoofer
    Enclosure Type

    Bass Reflex

    Amplifier Type Class AB
    Amplifier Power
    100 Watts Peak/60 Watts RMS
    Frequency Response

    38Hz – 200Hz

    Crossover Frequency

    40Hz – 200Hz

    8” High Excursion Doped Paper

    CARB2 rated MDF

    Cabinet Finish
    Black Pica Vinyl
    Ports Dual flared 
    Dimensions (W x H x D)

    12-3/16” x 14-3/16” x 12-3/16”

    19.4 lbs

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