Elac In-Wall 5.1 Ch Home Theater Speaker Package 1 for 250-400 Sq Ft Room

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Ooberpad brings to you Elac In-Wall 5.1 Ch Home Theater Speaker Package 1 - an entry line speaker package specially designed for 250-400 Sq Ft Room. This package from Ooberpad includes a pair of Elac Debut IW-DC51-W (front speaker) and one IW-DC51-W (center speaker), a pair of Elac In-Wall Vertex IW-V61-W (surround speakers) and an Elac Debut 2.0 SUB 3030 powered subwoofer. Elac understands the importance of having audio to enhance a living space, with minimal aesthetic intrusion. Keeping Elac's philosophy of delivering high-end sound, the Vertex series of speakers will complement any conventional floorstanding or bookshelf loudspeaker. This amazing home theatre system is a game-changer and is here to revolutionize the sound game! 


3-year manufacturer's warranty for speakers
1-year manufacturer's warranty for the subwoofer

Package Includes:

2 nos Elac Debut IW-DC51-W as front speakers
1 no Elac Debut IW-DC51-W center speaker
2 nos Elac Vertex IW-V61-W as surround speakers
1 no Elac Debut SUB 3030 powered subwoofer

Key Features:

  • German engineered speakers designed by Elac & Andrew Jones
  • 1 x Centre channel speaker and 2 Front Channel Speakers: Elac Debut IW-DC51-W - 120 W speaker
  • 2 x Surround channel speakers: Elac Vertex IW-V61-W- 120 W speaker
  • 1 x Subwoofer: Elac Debut SUB 3030 - 500 W (RMS) powered subwoofer
  • 6.5" polypropylene cone woofer in surround speakers
  • 5.25” aramid fiber cone woofer in the center/front speaker speaker
  • 1” Silk dome tweeter with custom deep-spheroid waveguide
  • 12" High-Excursion Doped Paper Woofer with 12" Downward-Facing Passive Radiator in the SUB 3030
  • BASH-Tracking Amplification
  • Braced MDF cabinet engineered for cinematic sound
  • High-performance crossover for a smooth transient response
  • Heavy-duty metal spring terminals as binding posts

Benefits of Elac In-Wall 5.1 Ch Entry-line Home Theater Speaker Package 1 for 250-400 Sq Ft Room: 

Clear front/center speaker for impactful dialogue & vocal reproduction
Clear front/center speaker for impactful dialogue & vocal reproduction

This package includes a Debut IW-DC51-W - 2-way, 120 W bass-reflex speaker system with 2 x 5.25” custom-designed woofers and 1” silk dome tweeter. This 2-way, the three-driver speaker is used as a front/center channel speaker and is designed to perfectly complement the in-wall speakers and even Debut floorstanding and bookshelf designs, creating a seamless center stage and bringing heightened realism to movie soundtracks and multi-channel surround-sound. 

Impressive Slim profile Vertex series In-Wall Speakers as Surround Speakers
Impressive Slim profile Vertex series In-Wall Speakers as Surround Speakers 

This impressive package features a pair of the Elac Vertex IW-V61-W in-wall speakers as surround speakers. With a slim profile, the easily installed Vertex in-wall IW-V61-W speakers expand the line of their Integrator Series of custom products. Keeping Elac's philosophy of delivering high-end sound, the Vertex IW-V61-W will complement any conventional floorstanding or bookshelf loudspeaker. The Vertex IW-V61-W features a custom-designed 6.5" woofer with Polypropelyne cone with 1" silk dome tweeter with deep spheroid waveguide. Polypropylene is employed due to its improved internal damping and smooth high-frequency roll-off. The waveguide surrounding the new ELAC high-frequency driver features a custom, deep spheroid profile to improve directivity control and efficiency.

Powerful and exciting bass response from BASH (Bridged Amplifier Switching Hybrid) Amplifier
Powerful and exciting bass response from <b>BASH (Bridged Amplifier Switching Hybrid) Amplifier

The package comes with an Elac Debut SUB 3030 powered subwoofer for a powerful and exciting low-frequency response. The SUB 3030 has been engineered and built to deliver huge performance at an affordable price. The compact design allows placement in almost any part of your room, and sophisticated app-controlled EQ and DSP software assure seamless integration into your system. The BASH amplifier runs on a Class D amplifier with a provision to control power supply to track the input signal, supplying only the necessary voltage to the Class AB amplifier. The 12" long-throw driver has been designed to accurately reproduce the bass quality and quantity for any audio, be it music or movie soundtracks. A 12" passive radiator helps enhance transient response and increase system efficiency.

Custom-designed speaker drivers and crossovers

All the speakers by Elac are designed by Andrew Jones with a custom-designed woofer with aramid and fibre cones, silk-dome tweeters with deep-spheroid custom waveguides along with custom multi-element crossover with high-grade components.

Slim profile in-wall design

A slim profile paintable magnetic grill allows for the speaker to virtually disappear in the room. All IW loudspeaker models are fitted with magnetically attached grilles whose finish can be customized to match the surrounding decor.

Where to buy?
Buy Elac In-Wall 5.1 Ch Home Theater Speaker Package 1 for 250-400 Sq Ft Room online at the best price in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and all across India. Enjoy expert, prompt and courteous customer service from the Ooberpad team. We will help you choose better and give you all the support you need to take the right buying decision in India. 

Technical Specifications of Elac In-Wall 5.1 Ch Home Theater Speaker Package 1 for 250-400 sq ft room:

Brand & Model #

Elac IW-V61-W

Elac IW-DC51-W

Elac SUB 3030

Speaker Type

2-way, rear side open

2-way, three driver

Powered subwoofer with passive radiator

Frequency Response

45 to 20,000 Hz

45 to 20,000 Hz

25 to 150 Hz

Nominal Impedance

6 Ω

6 Ω



90 db at 2.83 v/1m

87 dB at 2.83 v/1m


Crossover Frequency

3000 Hz

2,200 Hz

50 to 150 Hz, continuously adjustable 

Maximum Power Input

50/120 wpc

50/120 wpc

1000 Watts peak / 500 Watts RMS

Amplifier Type



BASH - Tracking

Standby Power Consumption



0.5 Watts


1 x 1-inch soft dome

1 x 1-inch soft dome



1 x 6.5-inch polypropylene cone

2 x 5.25-inch aramid-fiber cone

Woofer/Passive radiator: 1 x 12-inch high-excursion doped paper cone


CARB2 rated MDF

CARB2 rated MDF

CARB2 rated MDF

Cabinet Finish

Black baffle/White grille

Black baffle/White grille

Black Ash vinyl


Metal magnetic / Paintable

Metal magnetic / Paintable


Input Connector

Heavy-duty metal spring terminals

Heavy-duty metal spring terminals


Accessories included

Cutout template, manual

Cutout template, manual

AC power cable


8.48 in / 215.3 mm

17.7 in / 448.3 mm

17.63 inches


12.69 in / 322.3 mm

7.4 in / 188.3 mm

19.19  inches


4.04 in / 102.5 mm

3.4 in / 85.6 mm

17.63 inches

Cut-out Height

11.61 in / 295 mm

6.2 in / 157 mm


Cut-out Width

7.36 in / 187 mm

16.4 in / 417 mm


Mounting depth

3.94 in / 100 mm

3.3 in / 84 mm


Net Weight

8.9 lb / 4.05 kg

10.7 lb / 4.85 kg

50.16 lb / 22.75 kg

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