Elite Yard Master Portable Outdoor Projection Screen 200" 16:9 (OMS200H1)

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Ooberpad brings you Elite’s Yard Master 200" portable screen that is ideal for outdoor projection applications. Ergonomically designed by Elite Screens, it can be set up or taken down with utmost ease. The supplied rigging kit includes 8 stakes and ropes for added wind stability for a superior outdoor viewing experience.

Elite’s popular projection screen material DynaBrite incorporated in this screen is developed to withstand outdoor abuse while maintaining clarity and colour depth with a wide viewing angle. Elite’s 200” portable outdoor projection screen is designed to be the ultimate budget-friendly solution for a larger than life viewing experience.

1-year manufacturer's warranty 

Key Features and Benefits:

- 200” portable outdoor projection screen with 16:9 aspect ratio
- Easy to clean and durable DynaBrite screen material with 1.1 Gain
- Heavy-duty frame construction for outdoor use in all types of weather
- Simple and quick setup/takedown with portable carrying bag
- Kit includes ropes and 8 stakes for wind stability
- Supplied with durable aluminium wheeled travel case for easy storage/transportation

Where to buy?
Buy Elite 200" Yard Master portable outdoor projection screen 16:9 (OMS200H1) online at the best price in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and all across India. Enjoy expert, prompt and courteous customer service from the Ooberpad team. We will help you choose better and give you support to help you take the right buying decision in India.

Installation Video:

Technical Specifications of Projector Screen:

Elite Yard Master Projection Screen 200" (OMS200H1) - Dimensions

Brand & Model Elite Yard Master OMS200H1
Diagonal Size 200" (16.67ft)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
View Area 98.1" x 174.3" (8.18ft x 14.53ft)
Screen Material DynaBrite
Case Colour Gray
Gain 1.1
View Width (A) 174.3” (14.53ft)
L/R Border Width (A1) 6.9" (0.58ft)
A2 184.1” (15.34ft)
View Height (B) 98.1” (8.18ft)
Top Border (B1) 6.3" (0.53ft)
Leg Height (B2) 45.4" (3.78ft)
Overall Height (B3) 143.6” (11.97ft)
Base Foot Length (C) 51.2" (4.27ft)
Base Fit to Pole (C1) 33.5” (2.79ft)
Frame Diameter (C2) φ1.5
Rope (D & D1) 216.5" (18.04ft)
T Stake Rope (E) 10.4" (0.87ft)
J Stake Frame (E1) 10.0" (0.83ft)
Net Weight 49.8 kgs
Gross Weight 53.5 kgs
Packaging Dimensions (L x W x H) 57.5" x 19.3" x 10.6"
(4.79ft x 1.61ft x 0.88ft)

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