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Kimber Kable TONIK 1.0 Mtr XLR (Pair)

₹ 9,250.00

Ooberpad brings Kimber Kable TONIK 1.0 Mtr XLR .Like the first tone of a scale, the Tonik interconnect provides the foundation of truly accurate performance and value. Through the use of Kimber Kable’s legendary tri-braid field geometry, VariStrand™, Ultrapure copper conductors and our special recipe PE dielectric, the Tonik allows music to flow with power, smoothness and harmonic richness. Tonik balanced features “studio grade” XLR connectors with silver plated contacts.

Key Features:

  • 3 Hyper-pure copper conductors
  • Fluorocarbon insulation
  • KIMBER UltraPlate™ phonos
  • Attenuated option
  • Balanced version with XLRs (no extra cost) 

1-year manufacturer's warranty

Benefits of Kimber Kable TONIK 1.0 Mtr XLR:


The word ‘timbre’ means the natural distinguishing sound of a musical instrument. We think it’s the perfect name for a cable that will let you hear the true sound of your recordings! It uses the legendary woven geometry and benefits from their highest purity VariStrand™ copper and fluorocarbon dielectric insulation. This all adds up to a level of performance that can compete with other far more expensive offerings on the market –it won’t disgrace itself even in higher end systems.

Optional Upgrades

We offer a number of additions and treatments to take the performance of your Interconnect to the next level. To find out more, click on the 'What's this?' link next to each icon above right.

Technical Specifications of Kimber Kable TONIK 1.0 Mtr XLR :

Brand & Model # Kimber Kable TONIK 1.0 Mtr XLR
Single-Ended (RCA):
(Cp) Parallel capacitance (at 20 kHz)
62.10 pF / meter
(Ls) Series capacitance (at 20 kHz)
0.493 µH / meter
(Rdc) dc loop resistance
0.057 Ω / meter
Balanced (XLR)
(Cp) parallel capacitance
45.80 pF / meter
(Ls) series inductance
1.00 µH / meter
(Rdc) dc loop resistance
0.0822 Ω / meter

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