Kimber Kable TONIK 1.5 Mtr RCA (Pair)

₹ 9,250.00

Ooberpad presents to you Kimber Kable TONIK 1.5 Mtr RCA which brings together accurate performance and value. Based on the Kimber Kable’s legendary tri-braid field geometry, VariStrand™, ultra-pure copper conductors and our special recipe PE dielectric, the Tonik ensure music flow with power, evenness and harmonic richness. Moreover, Tonik uses our Ultratike™ RCA type connector and the balanced features "studio grade" XLR connectors with silver plated contacts.

Key Features:

  • Trade-marked tri-braid field geometry
  • Varistrand™, Ultra-pure copper conductors
  • Special-recipe PE dielectric
  • Ultratike™ RCA type connector with silver-plated contacts

1-year manufacturer's warranty

Benefits of Kimber Kable TONIK 1.5 Mtr RCA :

A New High in Entry Level Performance

Kimber Kable’s high-value PBJ interconnect caught the attention of audiophiles and audio critics around the world many years ago and after years of detailed research, the brand has come back with a new innovative interconnect design that comes at a lower price. Tonik interconnect derives its name from the first tone of a musical scale, known as the tonic note or tone. Like the tonic note of a scale, Tonik provides the foundation for a great home entertainment system. It uses Kimber Kable's trademarked tri-braid field geometry. The ultra-pure copper conductors take advantage of Kimber's proven Varistrand™ internal wire grouping for accurate signal transfer. A special recipe PE dielectric completes the design, along with Ultratike™ RCA type connector with silver plated contacts.

Technical Specifications of Kimber Kable TONIK 1.5 Mtr RCA :

Brand & Model # Kimber Kable TONIK 1.5 Mtr RCA
Parallel capacitance (at 20 kHz)
55 pF / meter
Series capacitance (at 20 kHz)
0.77 uH / meter
capacitance  (at 20 kHz)
 52 pF / meter 

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