Kimber Kable TONIK 1.0 Mtr RCA (Pair)

₹ 8,750.00

Key Features:

  • Trade-marked tri-braid field geometry
  • Varistrand™, Ultra-pure copper conductors
  • Special-recipe PE dielectric
  • Ultratike™ RCA type connector with silver-plated contacts

1-year manufacturer's warranty

Benefits of Kimber Kable TONIK 1.0 Mtr RCA:

"Four Stars" Rating from What Hi-Fi? Magazine

Entry level Tonik interconnect costs just a bit. Be that as it may, the advantageous execution is genuine Kimber the way, on account of tri-braid field geometry and Varistrand™ ultra-pure copper conductors for accurate sound proliferation for next to nothing! Britain's audiophile diary What Hi-Fi? granted Tonik its coveted rating of Four Stars in the April 2003 issue. The magazine lauds this bargain cable for its "cohesive and instructive  presentation."

A New High in Entry Level Performance

Kimber Kable was successful in gauging the likes of sincere audiophiles and audio critics around the world with its low-price, high-value PBJ interconnect. Years of extensive research has helped the company come back with a new interconnect design that is available at a price lesser than the famous PBJ. Tonik interconnect derives its name from the first tone of a musical scale, known as the tonic note or tone. Like the tonic note of a scale, Tonik provides the foundation for a great home entertainment system. Tonik uses Kimber Kable's trademarked tri-braid field geometry.  Additionally, the ultra-pure copper conductors take advantage of Kimber's proven Varistrand™ internal wire grouping for accurate signal transfer. A special recipe PE dielectric completes the design, along with Ultratike™ RCA type connector with silver plated contacts.

Technical Specifications:

Brand & Model # Kimber Kable TONIK 1.0 Mtr RCA
Frequency response (+/- 0.5 dB)

DC -2.8 MHz

Parallel capacitance (at 20 kHz)
 52.0 pF
Series capacitance (at 20 kHz)
52.0 pF
Parallel inductance (at 20 kHz)
1.021 uF
Series inductance (at 20 kHz) 0.772 uF
DC resistance

0.055 ohms

Total reactance (at 20 kHz)
0.098 ohms

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