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Lutron Grafik Eye GRX-3102-T-CE


Lutron Grafik Eye GRX-3102-T-CE

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Control your lighting from your couch and enjoy being a couch potato with the Lutron GRX-3102-T-CE

1-year manufacturer warranty

Key Features:

  • Can link up to 8 GRAFIK® Eye Control Units (8 addresses) for up to 48 zones
  • Up to 16 Accessory Controls for total of 24 control points
  • No of Zones: 2
  • Built-in Infrared Receiver/Optional Infrared Wireless Remote Control
  • Can increase individual zone capacities to 800 (Watts/VA) at 120V/277V. Unit capacity 1600 (Watts/VA)
  • Power Interfaces are sometimes necessary to allow the Grafik Eye to control certain load types, for example:
  • The PB (Power Booster Interface) increases a Control Unit’s zone load capacity for Incandescent/Halogen (Tungsten), Magnetic Low Voltage, Neon/Cold Cathode and Lutron Tu-Wire load types.
  • The ELVI Interface enables a zone of the Control Unit to control Electronic Low-Voltage loads.
  • The GRX-TVI gives GRAFIK Eye 3000 Series Control Units the ability to control any 0-10V ballasts powered by 100V-277V (ballast must provide 0-10V sourcing of current) and provides switching relays that can handle the in-rush current for a circuit of ballasts.


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