Lutron LUT-LBX-CE-WH Synthetic Minimum Load

₹ 11,144.00

Lutron LUT-LBX-CE-WH synthetic load is used in lighting applications when the minimum load is not met and when flickering occurs


1-year manufacturer's warranty

Key Features:

  • Lutron Synthetic Minimum Load - Meets Lutron Light Dimmers minimum load requirements
  • This unit is required for all Lutron Light Dimmers if the total wattage of lamps on a circuit is below the minimum load required
  • Use when switching very low power LED lamps as they are unlikely to meet the minimum 20 watts load required
  • Use with All Lutron Grafik Eye controllers, HomeWorks Light Dimmers and LCP128 Light Dimmers
  • Connect 1 device for each Light Dimmer circuit

Technical Specifications:

Brand & Model # Lutron LUT-LBX-CE-WH Synthetic Minimum Load





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