Monitor Audio Apex AW12 Compact Subwoofer

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Ooberpad brings you Apex AW12 Subwoofer from Monitor Audio. Apex is a flagship' range of versatile compact speakers, which blends elite styling with the advanced technologies of Monitor's award-winning speakers. Twice named 'Best Style Speaker Package' at the What Hi-Fi? Awards, Apex delivers high quality audio with designer appeal.

Apex AW12 is a compact, front-firing 12" Subwoofer with C-CAM driver and a 500 watt Class D amplifier. Finished with side trims machined from solid aluminium and with a silky anodised lustre to complement the Apex satellites, the AW12 subwoofer is in every way sensational.



1-year manufacturer's warranty

Key Features:

  • 500 watt Class D amplifier
  • 12" Front-firing C-CAM sub-woofer driver featuring triple suspension and 3" long throw voice coil
  • 12v trigger input allows for auto-activation when using a compatible A/V receiver or processor
  • High efficiency switch mode power supply
  • Top-mounted control of volume and EQ are designed for easy setup and adjustment
  • Compact sealed cabinet
  • Permanently fitted floor spikes can be covered with a heavy duty rubber cover for solid or hard wood flooring
  • Finished in luxurious metallic black high gloss or metallic pearl white high gloss

      Benefits of Monitor Audio Apex AW12 Compact Subwoofer:  

      Compact Subwoofer with 500W bass engine 

      The Apex AW12 design is as concentrated as we can make it.Occupying a little over a cubic foot of living space, this 500W bass engine will compress the air in front of it with an unremitting efficiency, turning the drama of action scenes and precipitous musical transients into genuine physical pressure.

      Latest Class D amplifier technology with a C-CAM driver


      The AW-12 is new from the ground-up and teams the latest Class D amplifier technology with a proprietary 300mm (12”) long-throw C-CAM® driver in a sealed, lacquered, totally rigid 25mm (1”) MDF enclosure. It's front-firing design and the top-mounted control of volume and EQ make it easy to position and tune for a seamless frequency blend with the satellites. There’s a 12V trigger for easy switching when using a compatible A/V receiver or processor, and twin analogue connections for the addition of another AW12 should it ever be required.

      Where to buy?

      Buy Monitor Audio Apex AW12 Subwoofer online at the best price in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and all across India. Enjoy expert, prompt and courteous customer service from the Ooberpad team. We will help you choose better and give you all the support you need to take the right buying decision in India.

      Technical Specifications of Monitor Audio Apex AW12 Compact Subwoofer:

      Brand & Model # Monitor Audio Apex AW12
      Cabinet Design
      Sealed Cabinet with 25 mm M.D.F construction and internal bracing
      Amplifier Design
      Class-D amplifier
      Amplifier Output
      500 W (RMS) 1000 W (Peak)
      Lower Frequency Limit
      27 Hz (EQ1) 21 Hz (EQ2)
      Upper Frequency Limit
      40 — 120 Hz Variable
      Low Pass Filter Alignment
      Active 4th order 24 dB/octave (two-stage filter)
      Drive Unit Complement
      1 x 12" C.CAM sub-woofer driver featuring triple suspension and 3" long throw voice coil.
      Input Impedance
      20 ohms
      Dimensions (Excluding Feet (H x W x D))
      340 x 340 x 410 mm
      3/8 x 133/8 x 161/8")
      Dimensions (Including Feet (H x W x D))
      380 x 340 x 410 mm
      15/16 x 133/8 x 161/8")
      Weight (unpacked)
      22.56 kg (49 lb 12 oz)

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