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Polycom VTX1000 Subwoofer and Amplifier - 2200-07242-015

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This Subwoofer is compatible with the Sound Station VTX 1000 conference phone. It is part of the VTX1000s vital set up and will help to provide the best possible conferencing experience.

The amplifier is built-in to the subwoofer and provides frequencies from 80 – 300Hz. The integrated amplifier and subwoofer can be purchased separately or together. Visit the VTX1000 conference phone for more information.

1-year manufacturer warranty

Compatible with:

  • Users at the end of your call will also benefit from the improved clarity
  • Response Bandwidth: 80 - 300 Hz
  • Unparalleled room coverage
  • Superior voice quality
  • High Definition sound
  • Maximum configuration flexibility


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