Rotel RA 1592 Integrated Amplifier (Black)

₹ 267,000.00

Ooberpad presents the Rotel RA 1592 Integrated Amplifier. This amazing amplifier  leverages the strengths of the award winning RC-1590 preamplifier from the house of Rotel along with the RB-1582 MkII power amplifier in a sleek single chassis design.


1-year manufacturer's warranty

Key Features:

  • 2 x 200 Watts of robust power
  • Class AB Amplifier
  • Integrated Bluetooth aptX
  • AKM premium 32-bit / 768 kHz Digital to Analogue Converter
  • Balanced XLR inputs

      Benefits of Rotel RA 1592 Integrated Amplifier:

      There has Never Been a Better Time to be a Music Lover

      Audiophiles all over the world appreciate music/audio of the highest quality and in the source options today provide limitless audiophile quality music. CD-or-better quality streaming, high resolution download sites, inexpensive mass storage devices, the still resilient CD and the resurgence of classic vinyl are all providing a wealth of content at impressively high fidelity. To hear all this music as the artist intended requires an extraordinarily flexible, sonically capable component and that’s where the RA 1592 Integrated Amplifier comes into play, so get your hands on it while you can!

      Powerful 200 watt Per Channel Class AB Amplifier

      Presenting a marvel from Rotel, the RA-1592 Integrated Amplifier which leverages the strengths of our award winning RC-1590 preamplifier and RB-1582 MkII power amplifier in a sleek single chassis design. With a powerful 200 watt per channel Class AB amplifier using performance audio grade components, the RA-1592 can effortlessly drive large speaker systems. Moreover, the impressive Rotel manufactured toroidal transformer is a key element in the power supply design which also includes custom slit-foil storage capacitors and a dual-monoblock topology. All of these incredible features help ensure the amplifier performance stands up to even the most complex music and real world playback conditions.

      The DAC and Surrounding Circuitry Supports a vast Array of Source Inputs

      If you are not convinced to buy this amazing integrated amplifier from Rotel, then, you will be now after knowing that to complement the amplifier section, the RA-1592’s preamplifier incorporates the superb 32-bit/768kHz AKM digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and analog stages of the highest quality. Moreover, the DAC and surrounding circuitry supports a vast array of source inputs including DSD capable PC-USB (24-bit/192kHz), 3 coaxial, 3 optical, integrated aptX® Bluetooth and front mounted USB iPod input. In recognition of the faithful analog music lovers, there is a phono stage input (MM), XLR balanced input and 3 analog RCA source inputs.

      RCA Pre-Output and Dual Subwoofer Outputs Provide the Ultimate Flexibility in Installation

      The RA-1592 comes with user selectable A-B speaker outputs with 5-way binding posts, RCA pre-output and dual subwoofer outputs provide the ultimate flexibility in installation. Additionally, the amplifier protection circuits monitor DC offset, overcurrent, short circuit and temperature to protect both the electronics and attached speakers. There are custom integration features that include RS232 and Ethernet IP control, 2 trigger outputs, remote IR input and automated digital signal sense power control for easy integration with streaming sources and control systems.

      Where to buy:

      Buy the Rotel RA 1592 Integrated Amplifier online at the best price in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai & all across India. Enjoy expert, prompt & courteous customer service from the Ooberpad team. We will help you choose better & give you all the support you need to take the right buying decision in India.

      Technical Specifications of Rotel RA 1592 Integrated Amp:

      Brand & Model # Rotel RA 1592 Integrated Amplifier
      Continuous Power Output (20 - 20kHz, < 0.03%, 8 ohms)
      200 watts/channel
      Total Harmonic Distortion (20 Hz - 20kHz, 8 ohms)
      < 0.03%
      Intermodulation Distortion (60 Hz : 7kHz, 4:1)
      < 0.03%
      Frequency Response
      Phono Input
      Line Level Inputs
      20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0 ± 0.5 dB
      10 Hz - 100 kHz, 0 ± 0.5 dB
      Damping Factor (20 Hz - 20 kHz, 8 ohms)
      Input Sensitivity / Impedance
      Phono Input (MM)
      Line Level Inputs (RCA)
      Line Level Inputs (XLR)
      5.2 mV / 47k ohms
      340 mV / 100k ohms
      540 mV / 100k ohms
      Input Overload
      Phono Input (MM)
      Line Level Inputs (RCA)
      Line Level Inputs (XLR)


      Preamplifier Output / Impedance
      1.9 V / 100 ohms
      Signal to Noise Ratio (IHF A-weighted) Phono Input (MM)
      Line Level Inputs
      80 dB 103 dB
      Frequency Response
      10 Hz - 90 kHz (0 ± 2 dB, Max)
      Signal to Noise Ratio (IHF A-weighted)
      102 dB
      Input Sensitivity / Impedance
      0 dBfs / 75 ohms
      Preamplifier Output Level
      1.4 V (at -20 dB)
      Coaxial / Optical Digital Signals
      SPDIF LPCM (up to 192kHz 24 bit)
      USB Audio Class 1.0 (up to 96kHz 24bit) USB Audio Class 2.0 (up to 384kHz 32bit)* *Driver installation required DSD and DoP support
      Power Requirements:
      120 volts, 60 Hz
      230 volts, 50 Hz
      Power Consumption
      500 watts
      Standby Power Consumption
      < 0.5 watts
      BTU (4 ohms, 1/8th power)
      1239 BTU/h
      Dimensions (W x H x D)
      431 x 144 x 425mm
      17" x 5.7" x 16"
      Front Panel Height
      3U (132.6mm, 5 1/4 in)
      Weight (net)
      16.8kg, 37.04 lbs.

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