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Remaining faithful to Mercury’s heritage as the most versatile of budget loudspeaker ranges, the Tannoy Mercury 7C Center Channel Speaker is a dedicated centre channel loudspeaker voice matched to other models in the Mercury 7 range.

Compact enough to fit in smaller TV cabinets yet potent enough to match the impressive Tannoy Mercury 7.4 floorstander, this horizontal loudspeaker packs two 127 mm (5 inch) mid/bass drivers and the Mercury 7 series 28 mm (1.1 inch) tweeter in a rear-ported 6.2 litre cabinet.

Easily integrated into a basic 5.1 channel surround sound system using Tannoy Mercury 7.2 at the front and Tannoy Mercury 7.1 at the rear, the Tannoy Mercury 7C delivers crystal clear dialogue and focused central vocals for multichannel music. Its 240 Watt peak power handling and 91 dB/Watt efficiency means it is equally suited to potent Mercury 7 surround sound set-up using Tannoy Mercury 7.4 at the front and multiples pairs of Mercury 7.1 or 7.2 at the sides and rear of the listening room. Its 32 Hz upper frequency extension makes Mercury 7C capable of getting the best from High Resolution multichannel audio while its 62 Hz bass response is an ideal match for typical AV receiver bass management systems..

1-year manufacturer's warranty

Key Features:

  • Two 127 mm (5-inch) mid/bass drivers
  • Mercury 7 series 28 mm (1.1-inch) tweeter
  • A rear-ported 6.2 litre (.22-cubic foot) cabinet
  • Black Oak finish

    Benefits of Tannoy Mercury 7C Center Channel Speaker: 

    Comprehensive Drive Unit

    The new Tannoy Mercury 7C mid/bass drivers are fitted with a significantly larger than previous models, enabling them to deliver deeper bass with greater punch than any competitor design.

    Acoustically neutral cabinet

    The new cabinets also boast extensive use of Tannoy’s Differential Materials Technology (DMT) compound. Tannoy Mercury 7C cabinets are the series’ most acoustically neutral enclosures to date. By creating a rigid, low resonant foundation for the drivers, has always been the starting point for Mercury models, ensuring reduced cabinet colouration giving a natural and more spacious sound.

    Multi-fibre Cone material

    The Mercury 7 cone uses an updated version of Tannoy’s proprietary multi-fibre cone material with a smoothly sculpted profile for better dispersion and more accurate midrange reproduction. The light and stiff cone delivers fast, tight bass while the new computer optimised rubber surround provides exceptionally high excursion without over-damping the cone.

    28 mm (1.10") Mercury 7 tweeter 

    The new 28 mm (1.10") Mercury 7 tweeter uses a soft woven polyester dome that is coated to Tannoy’s exacting specification with a micro layer of nitro-urethane. This special lamination process damps the dome and pushes its break-up frequencies far beyond the audio range. The trebble is smooth and detailed with an extended frequency response to over 32 kHz.

    Path-breaking Technology

    Throughout the signal path, Tannoy Mercury 7C benefits from technologies trickled down from Tannoy’s high-performance and luxury speaker ranges. The crossovers employ close tolerance components throughout, including low-loss laminated iron core inductors for seamless integration between drivers. Internal wiring is silver-plated Oxygen Free Copper and speaker terminals utilise Tannoy custom designed gold-plated binding posts.

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    Technical Specifications of Tannoy Mercury 7C Speaker:

    Brand & Model Tannoy Mercury 7C
    Recommended amplifier power (Watts RMS)
    20 - 120
    Continuous power handling (Watts RMS) 60
    Peak power handling (Watts) 240
    Sensitivity (2.83 V @ 1 m)
    91 dB
    Nominal impedance (ohms) 8
    Frequency response (-6 dB)
    62 Hz – 32 kHz
    High frequency
    28 mm (1.1”) Nitro-urethane damped layer woven polyester dome, neodymium magnet system
    Low frequency
    127 mm (5”) Multi- fibre coated pulp paper cone x 2
    Crossover type
    Passive low loss 2nd order low pass, 3rd order high pass
    Crossover frequency 3.5 kHz
    Enclosure type
    Twin rear ported reflex
    6.2 litres (0.22 cu. ft.)
    Dimensions (H x W x D) (excluding grille)
    160.0 x 420.0 x 167.3 mm (6.3 x 16.5 x 6.6”)
    4.4 kg (9.7 lbs)

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