Tannoy TS2.10 Powered Subwoofer - (Grey Vinyl)

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Ooberpad brings you the Tannoy TS2.10 - an incredibly powerful dual 10" 300W (RMS) powered subwoofer. The compact subwoofer features class-D digital amplification with two large long-throw drivers for a deep and smooth bass response.

The robust and compact double-thickness cabinet delivers tight and cohesive bass performance making it ideal for wide range of movie, music and gaming sound systems. The powered subwoofer replaces traditional analogue filter networks with high-speed Digital Signal Processing (DSP) engine for advanced bass management, roll-off frequency, phase and easy gain control. Draped in a suave glossy black finish, the Tannoy TS2.10 powered subwoofer delivers a thunderous bass response that brings music and movies to life.

1-year manufacturer's warranty

Key Features:

- High-fidelity 300 Watts (RMS) powered subwoofer speaker
- Dual 10-inch high excursion speaker drivers
- Built-in class D amplification for higher power and efficiency
- DSP-based advanced bass management
- Intuitive auto power On/Off for power saving
- Volume, crossover frequency and phase selection control panel
- Phono line level LFE stereo RCA input and output

Benefits of Tannoy TS2.10 Subwoofer:

Compact enclosure design

Designed to be the most potent affordable subwoofers on the market today, the TS2.10 on Tannoy’s extensive professional touring and stadium loudspeaker experience. It deploys an extremely powerful class D bridge mode amplifier and two opposing drivers in a substantial double-thickness cabinet. With all-digital DSP engines to precisely control low frequency output, the subwoofer delivers the deepest, tightest and loudest bass response in its class.

High-performance dual drivers

The Tannoy TS2.10’s double driver configuration dramatically increases cone surface area and reduces cabinet vibration. The result is a twin 10” driver subwoofer offering similar cone surface area to single 15” unit. This unique solution ensures the TS2 subwoofers are compact enough for easy placement yet pack a punch much larger than their physical size. Each high-excursion driver uses a light yet stiff multi-fibre cone with butyl rubber roll surround to deliver lightening bass speed and low frequency depth.

High-performance Class-D amplification

Equipped with a potent 300 W RMS class D bridge mode amplifier, the Tannoy TS2.10 subwoofers sports power and technology. A Tri-State Pulse Width Modulated Digital Signal Processor is used to adjust crossover frequency, phase and gain control in the digital domain, eliminating analogue filter circuitry from the signal path. The subwoofer delivers ultrafast bass and thunderous Low Frequency Effects right down to almost 20 Hz.

Compact yet robust cabinet

The Tannoy TS2.10's  cabinets are built from heavyweight 25 mm MDF throughout, substantially reducing cabinet colouration and adding valuable extra mass for stabilisation. Tannoy’s polymer cone feet, specially developed for the original TS series are used to keep the subwoofer in its place firmly. Each cabinet is meticulously hand-finished suave high-gloss paint polished to a mirror finish. A pair of full-width removable grilles is supplied for those wanting to keep the impressive twin drivers concealed.

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Technical Specifications of Tannoy TS2.10 Subwoofer: 

Brand & Model #                          Tannoy TS2.10 Subwoofer (Gloss Black)
Output power 300 W RMS
Low frequency response (-6 dB) 24 Hz
Inputs 2 x phono line level, LFE or stereo
Outputs 2 x phono line level, LFE or stereo
Input filter 50 - 150 Hz, 2nd order low pass, with bypass provision
Driver type 10" (250 mm) active & passive ABR
Enclosure type Closed box, side firing
Enclosure volume 23.1 litre (0.82 cu. ft.)
Additional features Variable phase control 0 - 180 degrees
Signal sensing or always on operation
Dimensions H x W x D 390 x 380 x 328 mm (15.4 x 15 x 13")
Enclosure weight 14.5 kg (31.9 lbs)

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