TV Remote Control Holder (RH-02)

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RH-02 is an ABS Apple TV remote holder with two built-in magnet chips and 3M self adhesive backing tape. This remote holder is compatible with most Apple TV remotes, and features firm attachment to various domestic surfaces. The two magnet chips can attach the remote to metal surfaces such as refrigerators, TVs, iron shelves, etc.. With the 3M self adhesive tape on the back, the holder can be also firmly attached to the surfaces other than metal surfaces for a long time. Being attached to clear vertical surfaces, the remote is more visible than it is on the messy desktops. The small size allows RH-02 to be easily hidden on the back of a TV in order not to damage the presentation of the screen. Manufactured from high quality ABS plastics, the holder has strong impact resistance, heat resistance, toughness and stability — guaranteed to offer long lasting holding power to a remote.

1-year manufacturer's warranty

Key Features:

  • Two built-in magnetic chips allow the case to place on most steel surfaces.
  • 3M self-adjective tape increases flexibility of attachment.

    Technical Specifications:

    Product Name: Standard Form
    Product Size: 54X110X27.5mm (2.1"X4.3"X1.1")
    Surface Finish: Fine Grain
    Available Color: Black
    Installation: Solid Wall,Television
    Material: ABS
    Screw Kits Package: No
    Power Plug: NO
    Magnetic: YES
    Lithium Battery: NO

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