Yamaha DXS15XLF Powered Subwoofer

by Yamaha
₹ 112,200.00

Ooberpad brings the states Yamaha DXS15XLF Powered Subwoofer. The power-boosted sub goes exceedingly well with DZR full-range speakers, and also the DXS15XLF is a powered bass-reflex type subwoofer with extended low frequency, producing a top-of-the-line maximum SPL of 136dB SPL with unmatched clarity and power. Cut out for the audioholics who like their music and movies with reverberating sound quality, the newest DXS XLF’s go deeper than any model before, with an extended low frequency of 30Hz— perfect for professional touring musicians, DJ’s, and sound engineers who need that extra-low, thundering bottom end that you just can’t get from other subwoofers in this class. Flexible DSP and bass-reflex cabinet design with a wide flared port ensure your lower frequencies maintain superb clarity and musicality even when the volume is cranked.


1-year manufacturer's warranty

Key Features:

  • Powered 15” subwoofer with 4” Voice Coil
  • Maximum 136dB SPL and 33Hz-150Hz frequency range is ideal for today’s sound engineering demands
  • High power 1600W Class-D amplifier module
  • 96kHz DSP and FIR filter for true high-definition sound with super low latency
  • Access a variety of DSP functions and load presets, or make precise adjustments to PEQ, delay and routing etc. via the intuitive LCD display
  • Equipped with D-XSUB processing and cardioid mode capability
  • Lightweight yet very durable plywood cabinet with premium grade Polyurea coating
  • Optional speaker cover (SPCVR-DXS15X) and wheel kit (SPW-1)

            Benefits of Yamaha DXS15XLF Powered Subwoofer:

            Powerful DSP for flexible control
            Powerful DSP for flexible control

            Like the full-range DZR models, the DXS XLF subwoofers are also driven by 96kHz high power DSP processors and leverage the dynamic EQ. Onboard D-XSUB LF processing enables complete control and management of your lower frequencies with NORMAL mode set for an ideally balanced low-frequency response, while BOOST mode provides a tighter and more focused bass with some extra punch. XTENDED LF mode drops the low-end frequencies down even further for a thunderous bottom end that delivers a low-frequency extension, which is an uncommon accomplishment from a cabinet of this size. Usually, the higher the output, the more difficult it gets to manage low-frequency energy directivity, and significant stage-side sound pressure levels can jeopardize your monitoring, but with DXS XLF setups consisting of two or more subwoofers, selecting the Cardioid Mode effectively decreases the sound pressure on stage while increasing the bottom-end output directed towards the audience, resulting in a much cleaner stage monitoring environment. It goes without saying that your DZR full-range system will reach new performance heights when used with the pronounced, powerful lows of DXS XLF active subwoofers.

            Acoustics and Utility
            DXS-XLF series-Acoustics and Utility

            New Yamaha proprietary transducers with a durable die-cast aluminum frame and 4” voice coil are crucial to achieving such incredible low-frequency response, even at the highest output levels. A dual damper also helps to realize extraordinarily high linearity of the low frequencies by bringing down unwanted vibration during extreme output levels.

            Durable, Portable and road ready
            Durable, Portable and road ready

            DXS XLF enclosure exteriors feature a durable Polyurea coating with extremely high damage resistance to protect the cabinet from scratches, bumps, or severe weather conditions, maintaining a professional appearance for years to come while keeping the subwoofer road-ready. Additionally, the new, ergonomically designed aluminum handle, optional SPW1 wheel kit, and SPCVR speaker covers render high safety, increased portability, and zero worries of damage or deterioration due to wear and tear when you’re on the road.

            Where to buy?
            Buy Yamaha DXS15XLF Powered Subwoofer online at the best price in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and all across India. Enjoy expert, prompt and courteous customer service from the Ooberpad.com team. We will help you choose better and will give you all the support you need to take the right buying decision in India.

            Technical Specifications of Yamaha DXS15XLF Powered Subwoofer:

            Brand & Model # Yamaha DXS15XLF

            Speaker Type 

            Powered Subwoofer, bass-reflex
            Frequency range (-10dB)
            33Hz - 150Hz
            Components LF: 15" Cone, 4" Voice Coil, Ferrite magnet

            Sample frequency rate
            Internal: 96kHz and FIR Filter
            A/D D/A Converters
            96kHz AD/DA
            Maximum output level (1m; on axis)
            136dB SPL (*Measured peak SPL with pink noise @1m)
            Power rating
            • Dynamic: 1600W (LF: 1000W, MF/HF: 1000W) (*Total peak power of individual outputs (AC 120V, 25℃). This value was measured at minimum load impedance, with protection released)
            • Burst (20ms): 1300W
            • Continuous: 1200W
            I/O connectors
            • Analog IN: Combo x2, Line level (Maximum +24dBu), Input impedance 20kΩ, Analog OUT: XLR3-32 x2, CH1/2: THRU or DSP OUT
            • Others: USB2.0 Host 5V 500mA for USB memory DATA storage/load
            • AC: IEC AC inlet x1 (V-Lock)
            Fan cooling, Variable speeds
            Power consumption
            40W (Idle), 180W (1/8)
            Aluminium die-cast, Side x2

            W: 450 mm (17.7")
            H: 587 mm (23.1") (with rubber feet)
            D: 600 mm (23.6")
            Net weight
            40.0kg (88.2lbs)
            Enclosure Material, Finish, Color: Plywood, Durable Polyurea Painting, Black
              Pole Socket
              Φ35 mm (depth 80mm), M20 Threaded (depth 25mm)

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