Yamaha DZR15 15" 2-way Powered Speaker

by Yamaha
₹ 108,400.00

Ooberpad brings to you Yamaha DZR15 - 2-way bi-amped power-packed loudspeaker that offers superb clarity at an impactful maximum SPL of 139dB. With top-of-the-line SPL performance, state of the art DSP processing, and unmatched low-frequency sound reproduction, the DZR15 unlocks the truly professional sound delivered with a level of power that is a complete contrast to its compact, lightweight design. 

Top-notch SPL performance, sophisticated DSP processing, unparalleled low-frequency bass sound reproduction - the new DZR delivers on all fronts unleashing the truly professional sound delivered with a level of power that belies its compact, lightweight design. The collection of all Yamaha’s accrued sound reinforcement, acoustics, and signal processing technology expertise, DZR represents Yamaha’s first fully-integrated, smart/editable speaker range of professional, stately loudspeakers.


1-year manufacturer's warranty

Key Features:

  • 2-way powered loudspeaker with a 2” HF and a 15" LF
  • High power 2000W Class-D amplifier module
  • Maximum 139dB SPL and 34Hz-20kHz frequency range is ideal for today’s audio engineering demands
  • 96kHz DSP and FIR filter for true high-resolution sound with super low latency
  • Features Advanced FIR-X tuning, the combination of FIR filtering and correct EQ for minimizing phase distortion
  • Access a variety of DSP functions and load presets, or make precise adjustments to PEQ, delay and routing etc. via the intuitive LCD display
  • D-Contour and highly reliable protection circuits
  • Floor monitoring setting
  • Lightweight yet very durable plywood cabinet with premium grade Polyurea coating
  • Rotatable horn and variety of U-bracket options (UB-DZR) for rigging allow for very flexible setup and speaker placement
  • Optional speaker cover (SPCVR-DZR15)

            Benefits of Yamaha DZR15 15" 2-way Powered Speaker:

            Advanced FIR-X Tuning
            Advanced FIR-X Tuning

            96kHz DSP processors help focus the considerable power output of the DZR into truly high-resolution sound with super-low latency. Yamaha’s newly developed Advanced FIR-X tuning improves radically on our proprietary FIR-X tuning technology which utilizes linear phase FIR filters for the crossover network and correct EQ. Using FIR filters, we are able to achieve a very smooth frequency response for superb clarity and sound imaging without phase distortion. Accurate EQ filtering is also rendered for pinpoint adjustment to realize ideal clarity and best-in-class SPL without signal degradation. 

            An onboard LCD screen allows users to easily navigate the variety of DSP functions, load presets, and make precise adjustments to PEQ, delay, and routing. Store up to 8 user presets to save your own parameter adjustments, or use the optimized dedicated factory presets for using DZR and DXS XLF Series in combination. Users can easily transfer saved settings to a USB flash drive.

            Fine Tuning with D-CONTOUR
            Fine Tuning with D-CONTOUR

            D-CONTOUR is an intelligent multi-band compressor that ensures your DZR’s sound stays consistent and clear, irrespective of how hard you drive them. By constantly monitoring the output of multiple frequency bands and applying the optimum EQ adjustments for each, even the highest output levels maintain unmatchable clarity and musicality. A perfect complement to the DZR’s versatile cabinet design, D-CONTOUR provides two different settings, FOH/MAIN or MONITOR mode, offering more detailed tuning of your sound relative to your PA’s configuration. FOH/MAIN mode enhances the lower frequencies to compensate for the low end that is typically missing when speakers are used in suspended applications or mounted on a speaker stand. MONITOR mode is optimized for floor monitoring application by taming down problematic low frequencies that can be further improved by floor reflection, and smoothing a wide range of frequencies to deliver the clarity professionals demand from their stage monitors. Both of these presets were perfected by performing countless listening tests with skilled sound engineers to ensure consistent sound with low distortion at any output level.

            High power 2000W Class-D amplification
            High power 2000W Class-D amplification

            The innovative, high on efficiency Class-D amplification module produces top-line 2000W of power and an impressive 143dB SPL. All the amplifiers were selected and optimized to match the full-range DZR’s high, mid (only for DZR315), and low-frequency transducers, while separate, customized amps were developed for the DXS XLF subwoofers as well.

            Custom Designed Transducers
            HF TransducerLF Transducer

            HF Transducer: The HF transducers are comprised of a 2˝ voice coil and 1˝ throat compression driver, a titanium diaphragm, and a Neodymium magnet housed in a durable heat-resistant aluminum cast frame.

            LF Transducer: The newly developed proprietary LF transducers use large 3˝ voice coils, cast aluminum frames, and a sturdy, lightweight neodymium magnet to handle high power and powerful low-frequency response despite the lightweight construction. The response is tightly controlled, particularly in the mid-bass and vocal range, assuring the overall response is powerful and extremely low-distortion even at the highest outputs.

            Smart design for professional functionality
            Smart design for professional functionality

            DZR15, DZR12 and DZR10 speakers feature a rotatable horn to allow vertical or horizontal mounting to further adapt to the acoustic dimensions of a venue. The coverage angle of the DZR15 is 90x50° and the DZR12 and DZR10 have 90x60° dispersion from a vertical position. The constant directivity horns were ergonomically designed with the goal of providing smooth, level coverage across the intended coverage area, minimizing roll-off that is common in conventional horn designs.

            Utilities for safe and secure operation
            Utilities for safe and secure operation

            DZR Series makes it fast and easy to configure panel settings and transfer data via USB, and also features a panel locking function to safeguard the settings. Users can even export information such as internal devices and log data to USB for rapid troubleshooting should difficulties arise. DZR Series loudspeakers offer plenty of rigging points, facilitating rigged application with standard eyebolts*.

            *Eyebolts not included.

            Where to buy?
            Buy Yamaha DZR15 15" 2-way Powered Speaker online at the best price in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and all across India. Enjoy expert, prompt and courteous customer service from the Ooberpad.com team. We will help you choose better and will give you all the support you need to take the right buying decision in India.

            Technical Specifications of Yamaha DZR15 15" 2-way Powered Speaker:

            Brand & Model # Yamaha DZR15

            Speaker Type 

            2-way, Bi-amped Powered Speaker, Bass-reflex
            Frequency range (-10dB)
            34Hz - 20kHz
            Coverage area
            H90゚ x V50゚ (Rotatable)
            • LF: 15" Cone, 3" Voice Coil, Neodymium magnet
            • HF: 2" Voice Coil, 1" Throat Compression Driver, Titanium diaphragm, Neodymium magnet
            1.7kHz (FIR-X)
            Sample frequency rate
            Internal: 96kHz and FIR Filter
            A/D D/A Converters
            96kHz AD/DA
            Maximum output level (1m; on axis)
            139dB SPL (*Measured peak SPL with pink noise @1m)
            Power rating
            • Dynamic: 2000W (LF: 1000W, MF/HF: 1000W) (*Total peak power of individual outputs (AC 120V, 25℃). This value was measured at minimum load impedance, with protection released)
            • Burst (20ms): 1100W (LF: 1000W, MF/HF: 100W)
            • Continuous: 950W (LF: 850W, MF/HF: 100W)
            I/O connectors
            • Analog I/O: Analog IN: Combo x2, Line level (Maximum +24dBu), Input impedance 20kΩ, Analog OUT: XLR3-32 x2, CH1: THRU (fix), CH2: THRU or DSP OUT
            • Others: USB2.0 Host 5V 500mA for USB memory DATA storage/load
            • AC: IEC AC inlet x1 (V-Lock)
            Fan cooling, Variable speeds
            Power consumption
            45W (Idle), 150W (1/8)
            Aluminium die-cast, Side x2
            M10 x12

            W: 450 mm (17.7")
            H: 761 mm (30.0") (with rubber feet)
            D: 460 mm (18.1")
            Net weight
            25.2kg (55.6lbs)
            Enclosure Material, Finish, Color: Plywood, Durable Polyurea Painting, Black
              Floor Monitor Angle
              50° Symmetrical
              Pole socket
              Φ35 mm x2 (0° or -7°)

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