Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A2080 9.2 Ch AV Home Theater Receiver with Surround:AI

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Ooberpad brings to you the Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A2080 - a high-quality 9.2 Ch Home Theater Receiver AV with superior three-dimensional sound field playback and the latest, most advanced Surround:AI features.

State-of-the-art configuration options and unparalleled versatility satisfy the most demanding whole-of-home applications. Discover the thrill of the most advanced cinematic surround sound in the home. Breakthrough Surround:AI technology analyses the scene of the entertainment content and optimises the surround effect in real time while you watch.

Simple and straightforward operation, whether using specially designed compatible apps, intuitive on-board menu, or in conjunction with Amazon Alexa voice control devices.


1-year manufacturer's warranty

    Key Features:

      • 9-channel powerful surround sound
      • 140 W per channel (8 ohms, 20 Hz-20 kHz, 0.06% THD, 2-ch driven)
      • 220 W per channel (8 ohms, 1 kHz, 10% THD, 1-ch driven)
      • 220 W per channel (4 ohms, 1 kHz, 0.9% THD, 1-ch driven)
      • Surround:AI automatically optimises the surround effect in real time
      • Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X™ with CINEMA DSP HD3
      • YPAO™-R.S.C. with 3D, multi-point measurement and precision EQ
        Ability to add wireless surround speaker/s* (*MusicCast 20 or MusicCast 50)
      • Amazon Alexa voice control compatibility* (*Availability varies by region)
      • Highly rigid construction including Anti Resonance Technology (A.R.T.) Wedge 
      • High quality parts for optimum performance
      • Professional quality digital audio by ESS DAC
      • MusicCast multi-room technology
      • Music streaming services built-in
      • HDMI® (7 in / 3 out) with Dolby Vision™ and Hybrid Log-Gamma
      • Phono input for vinyl playback

        Benefits of AVENTAGE RX-A2080 9.2 Ch AV Home Theater Receiver :

        Surround:AI Technology

        The AI technology built into the DSP analyses the scene of the entertainment content and then creates the optimal surround effect to reproduce it with the greatest effect. This AI instantaneously analyses scenes by focusing on distinct sound elements such as dialogue, background music, ambient sounds and sound effects, and automatically optimises the surround effect in real time, just as if a Yamaha sound engineer tunes the best sound specifically for you. This creates a compelling sense of realism with expressive power beyond conventional sound field effects, giving you the most profound entertainment experience possible.


        This AV receiver supports Dolby Atmos and DTS-X playback with CINEMA DSP HD3, taking the surround sound experience to new heights. The revamped CINEMA DSP HD3 features new signal processing algorithms and three sets of high performance processors. This maximises theatre sound effects, accurately reproducing a new dimension of realism for a sound field with a rich sense of presence and no feeling of boundaries. You will experience a realistic cinema sound field with the sense of truly being immersed in the movie scene.

        Highly rigid construction and high quality parts


        The AVENTAGE model RX-A2080 features a sleek, clean design, with an elegant aluminium front panel. Even more importantly, the unit is exceptionally sturdy, with an interior reinforced with cross members in an H-shape. It also features the Anti Resonance Technology (A.R.T.) Wedge, which is a fifth foot in the centre of the unit that dampens vibrations from the power transformer and elsewhere. Thanks to these, installation stability is improved and chassis resonance is dispersed, effectively eliminating external vibration, maintaining the highest audio quality. 

        Easy sound optimisation with YPAO

        YPAO-R.S.C. (Reflected Sound Control) analyses the room acoustics with the included YPAO microphone to tune your system for the best sound in your unique room. It employs R.S.C. to correct early reflections for studio-quality surround sound. YPAO 3D provides automatic sound parameter optimisation that maximises the 3D sound field effectiveness of CINEMA DSP HD3 as well as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. Precision EQ calculation achieves the most natural room acoustics possible.

        Free and easy placement with wireless surround speakers

        Combine this AV receiver with the MusicCast 50 or MusicCast 20 wireless streaming speaker and enjoy the amazing convenience of creating a home theatre with wireless rear speakers. What’s more, you get stunningly realistic sound with a clean, clutter-free setup. Easily turn your current living room into a special entertainment environment where you can fully enjoy movies and music.

        Multi-room audio with MusicCast

        MusicCast takes the headache out of multi-room audio. Simply connect all MusicCast devices to the same network and start sharing audio throughout the home. Take MusicCast for a test drive by downloading the free MusicCast app and using it demo mode.

        The RX-A2080 is equipped with three Yamaha original high performance DSP devices, achieving high speed and large capacity audio signal processing. As a result, CINEMA DSP HD3 playback can reproduce up to 11-channel sound on even a 7-channel system. The total reproduction of spatial data, including the vertical axis, helps create an overwhelmingly realistic sound field.

        * Requires connection to a front presence speaker. Dolby Atmos and DTS: X signals cannot be used with these virtual features.

        Convenient enjoyment with three HDMI outputs

        Since the RX-A2080 has three HDMI output terminals, simultaneous connection to the TV, LCD projector and other devices, is possible. Which means, for example, that you can use your TV as usual but use the projector for your favourite movies and special programming, or have the same main room content shown in other rooms as well — easily and without having to change any connections. Naturally, the built-in HDMI functionality is of the latest specifications, corresponding also to HDR (Dolby Vision Compatible, Hybrid Log-Gamma), 4K / 60p passthrough, 4K upscaling, and so on

        You can transmit the video or audio content (not only HDMI input, but also other audio sources, such as digital or analogue audio, network content and FM/DAB radio) to a TV or home theater system in another room (Zone 2/4). This lets you enjoy viewing and listening to the same main room content (where the AV receiver is installed), or even different content. An on-screen graphical user interface makes it easy to browse and select content from the second zone no matter what is being played in the main zone.

        This easy-to-use app lets you conveniently and ‘smartly’ control your AV receiver’s power, volume, input selections, DSP modes and much, much more from an iOS or Android™ device. You can also use as many as 23 different languages and customise the interface by hiding unused icons and renaming functions. A tablet version is also available. You can add an external power amplifier (pre-main amplifier) to this AV receiver to improve and enhance the sound of your speakers. For example, using a power amplifier to drive the important front channel in home theatre gives you the added flexibility of building a system with an emphasis on sound quality.

        Phono Input

        his AV receiver provides phono input terminals, letting you connect a turntable and enjoy music from your vinyl collection.

        Where to buy?
        Buy the Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A2080 9.2 Ch AV Home Theater Receiver online at the best price in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and all across India. Enjoy expert, prompt and courteous customer service from the Ooberpad team. We will help you choose better and will give you all the support you need to take the right buying decision in India.

        Technical Specifications of Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A2080 9.2 Ch AV Receiver:

        Brand & Model # Yamaha RX-A2080 9.2 Ch AV Receiver
        Amplifier Section
        Channel 9.2
        Rated Output Power (1kHz, 1ch driven)
        220 W (4 ohms, 0.9% THD)
        Rated Output Power (20Hz-20kHz, 2ch driven)
        140 W (8 ohms, 0.06% THD)
        Maximum Effective Output Power (1kHz, 1ch driven) (JEITA)
        220 W (8 ohms, 10% THD)
        Dynamic Power per Channel (8/6/4/2 ohms)
        165 / 210 / 285 / 405 W
        Surround Sound Processing
        Surround:AI Yes
        CINEMA DSP
        Yes (HD3)
        DSP Programs 24
        Dialog Level Adjustment Yes
        Virtual Presence Speaker Yes
        Virtual Surround Back Speaker Yes
        Dialogue Lift
        Yes (no presence speakers required)
        Dolby Atmos Yes
        Dolby TrueHD Yes
        Dolby Digital Plus Yes
        Dolby Surround Yes
        DTS:X Yes
        DTS-HD Master Audio Yes
        Audio Features
        File Format
        MP3 / WMA / MPEG-4 AAC: up to 48 kHz / 16-bit, ALAC: up to 96 kHz / 24-bit, FLAC: up to 192 kHz / 24-bit, WAV / AIFF: up to 192 kHz / 24-bit, DSD: up to 11.2 MHz
        Pure Direct
        Yes (with video on mode)
        Compressed Music Enhancer
        High-resolution Music Enhancer
        YPAO multi-point measurement
        Yes with R.S.C. (Reflected Sound Control), 3D, 64-bit Precision EQ Calculation and Angle Measurement
        YPAO Volume
        Adaptive DRC (Dynamic Range Control) Yes
        Initial Volume & Maximum Volume Setting Yes
        Bi-amp capability Yes
        Audio Delay
        Yes (0-500 ms)
        DA Converter
        ESS 384 kHz / 32-bit SABRE Premier DAC ES9007S x 2
        Video Features
        4K Ultra HD Pass-through and upscaling
        Yes (4K / 60p, 4:4:4)
        HDMI 3D passthrough Yes
        HDMI eARC
        Yes (via future firmware update)
        HDMI Audio Return Channel
        HDMI upscaling Yes (Analogue to HDMI® / HDMI to HDMI)
        Video Adjustment Yes
        Deep Color/x.v.Color/24Hz Refresh Rate /Auto Lip-Sync Yes
        MusicCast Surround Yes
        HDMI Input/Output
        7 / 3 (HDCP2.2, HDR10 / Dolby Vision / HLG and BT.2020 compatible)
        HDMI CEC
        Yes (SCENE, Device Control)
        USB Input USB Memory, Portable Audio Player
        Network Port Yes
        Wi-Fi Yes (2.4 / 5 GHz)
        AirPlay Yes
        Bluetooth Yes (SBC / AAC)
        Front AV Input USB / Analogue Audio
        Digital Audio Input/Output: Optical 3 / 0
        Digital Audio Input/Output: Coaxial 3 / 0
        Analog Audio Input/Output
        9 (front 1) / 0
        Phono Input Yes
        Component Video Input/Output
        2 / 0
        Composite Video Input/Output
        4 / 1
        Headphone Output 1
        Tuner Section
        FM/AM Tuner
        Yes (FM only)
        DAB Tuner
        Yes (Availability varies by region.)
        User Interface
        On-screen display
        Graphical User Interface
        SCENE PLUS (8 sets)
        App Control
        Yes (iPhone / iPad / Android phone / tablet)
        Web Browser Control
        Remote Control Unit Yes (Full LED Backlight)
        Zone Control
        Zone 2 Audio Output
        Preout / HDMI
        Zone 3 Audio Output
        Zone 4 Audio Output
        Powered Zone
        Zone 2 / 3
        Zone Video Output
        HDMI / Component / Composite
        Zone HDMI
        Yes (Advanced HDMI Zone Switching)
        Zone B Output
        Zone GUI
        Standby Power Consumption (IR only)
        Auto Power Standby Yes
        ECO mode Yes
        Dimensions (W x H x D)
        435 x 192 x 474 mm (with antenna up: 435 x 269 x 474 mm);
        17-1/8” x 7-1/2” x 18-5/8” (with antenna up: 17-1/8” x 10-1/4” x 18-5/8”)
        17 kg; 37.5 lbs.

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