5 Things to keep in mind when buying In-Ceiling Speakers

March 18, 2016
5 Things to keep in mind when buying In-Ceiling Speakers
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5 Things to keep in mind when buying In-Ceiling Speakers

You may have thought about buying in-ceiling speakers for your home at some time or the other. You may have wanted to know about these speakers before the actual buying. Well, this guide will tell you all about in-ceiling speakers and what to look for before buying them. So, here goes...

In-ceiling speakers are becoming increasingly popular in residential homes due to their improved sound quality. In fact, with some in-ceiling speakers you can install them yourself, without having to pay professional installers. There are many practical benefits for you, if you buy an in-ceiling speaker. For example, they provide high-quality sound in the desired part of your home, they save on floor space, and they offer a clean looking environment without the need for convulated cords and wires.

These speakers sit recessed into the ceiling and sit flush mounted with the ceiling. They offer a sleek and minimalistic look to any room in your home. There are several different brands of in-ceiling speakers that range significantly in quality and price.

Top-quality in-ceiling speakers produce excellent sound quality and can enhance any room. This includes an accurately set up surround sound home theater room. These speakers are often called architectural speakers because they blend well with the room decor. Many of the in-ceiling speakers are round, but can also be rectangular or square. They may have grills that can be painted to match the colour of the ceiling.

So, how do these speakers work? Well, that's simple...they work in exactly the same way as normal speakers would work. The only difference is that they don't take up any floor space and there is no visible wiring to be seen anywhere. The in-ceiling speaker wires run from the sound unit, behind the wall, and into the back of the speaker unit that sits in the ceiling space.

What to think about when buying In-Ceiling Speakers

There are several things to consider before buying in-ceiling speakers. You should plan carefully before choosing these speakers so that you make the right buying decision and get the right results. Before buying, you should consider the following:

1) Sound Quality: In-ceiling speakers create very good sound quality that any homeowner would be proud of. Another issue with the sound quality of in-ceiling speakers has to do with the length and thickness of the wire running to it. The concept is simple: the thicker the wire, and the shorter the length, the better the sound. A signal can be significantly degraded by a thin wire and long runs.

2) Safety: Safety should be a major consideration when installing in-ceiling speakers. You should purchase specially made speaker wires that are designed for in-ceiling use. These are intended to meet fire and building code regulations.

3) Size: The size of in-ceiling speakers depends on the size of the room that the speaker will be installed in. If you have the correctly sized speaker, it will provide a fuller, more effective sound. In-ceiling speakers that are too small will not provide good-quality sound and may even distort the sound.

4) Climate: Indoor speakers cannot be used outdoors as they can be damaged by moisture and humidity. Similarly, if you are planning on installing in-ceiling speakers in an area that tends to be very hot or humid, you should use speakers that can handle those conditions.

5) Subwoofer: If you're using in-ceiling speakers for dedicated music listening or for home theater, a powered subwoofer is a must. It fills out the low frequences, giving you warmer, more realistic sound. Many subwoofers are small enough to tuck behind a couch or table. You can also save space by installing subwoofers in your wall, floor, or ceiling for an elegant solution.

So, these are some things to keep in mind before you buy in-ceiling speakers. Do shop around carefully and then order these speakers online. Here's to great sound!

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