The 5 Very Real Differences Among Projector Screens

May 12, 2016
The 5 Very Real Differences Among Projector Screens
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The 5 Very Real Differences Among Projector ScreensThe 5 Very Real Differences Among Projector Screens

Projector screens vary widely in cost, ranging from about US $ 600 to US $ 1800 and more. The question that most buyers want to know is, are these screens really different? The short answer is “Yes”. This guide details the very real differences among projector screens. So, here goes...

1) Resolution: You can buy a professional white or gray projector screen, but both manifest a difference in resolution, or image detail. Some screens simply produce a sharper, clearer image than others. The best thing you can do is check out the specs clearly and if possible, test the screen of your choice before buying.

2) Brightness/Reflectivity: Some screens are simply brighter than others, because they differ in their ability to reflect light. A screen's gain usually indicates the screen's reflectivity and brightness. Again, do check out all details of the projector screen of your choice before buying.

3) Contrast: If you're like most buyers you are highly conscious of the contrast ratio of the projector they are buying, but have no concept whether the screen they use will either complement or impair their projector's contrast performance. Do check out whether your projector screen will work well with your projector and you won't be disappointed later.

4) Colour accuracy: Some screens have unfortunate colour biases. A screen should not put its own spin on a projector's colour. Many projector screens are as neutral as they should be, so do check out your projector screen for colour accuracy and then buy.

5) Build quality: Different projector screens have significant differences among the vendors in materials and workmanship, attention to detail, and product quality. These differences are striking and worth noting. However, once fixed frame screens are assembled and mounted, their build quality becomes secondary to the image quality they deliver. However if you plan to install an electric screen, build quality will be a central issue for the life of the screen.

These are some of the points that contribute to very real differences among projector screens. Do your research diligently before deciding to buy a projector screen and you won't be disappointed. There are several different kinds of projector screens right from the fabric used, to the way they are mounted. So, check them out and enjoy great images, movies and more whenever you want, wherever you want. Here's to clear and colourful viewing all round the year!


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