5 Reasons to Switch to Smart LED Bulbs

July 14, 2016
5 Reasons to Switch to Smart LED Bulbs
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Why You Should Buy Smart LED bulbs

Smart technology is seeping into every aspect of human interaction and is creating infinite possibilities. IoT enabled smart homes and spaces are steadily getting accessible and available to a whole set of new users. Your good old light bulb is no stranger to this phenomenon.

Smart LED bulbs are quick and exciting way to light up living spaces with vivid and changeable colors. In a nutshell, they are your regular light bulbs enhanced with a chip that allows users to control the lights via the internet or Bluetooth. Smart light bulbs are like smartphones, you didn’t know you needed one until you get one and use it regularly. With so many features and application possibilities, they offer numerous benefits over conventional light bulbs. Here are 5 reasons why you should switch to smart LED bulbs in your home and living spaces.

  1. Change your ambience in minutes: Smart LED bulbs allow users to control and change brightness, color, and various other lighting effects. This control allows you to create an ambience tailored to your mood and liking. The best part is, these can be controlled easily using your smartphone or other supported devices. Many smart LED bulbs also incorporate a wireless speaker system to play background music, enhancing the ambience. With smart LED bulbs say goodbye to monotonous and monochromatic lighting options.

  2. Universal and Remote Access: Most smart light bulbs can be connected to the internet via WiFi or Bluetooth. This allows users to control these bulbs virtually from anywhere and anytime. This universal and remote access helps is fortifying home-security, and improving power consumption.

  3. Reduce power consumption: In lighting technology, generic LED bulbs are already known to have empowered significant cost-saving by reducing power consumption. The addition of smart technology in light bulbs takes this up a notch. Smart light bulbs can be programmed effectively to dim-down, power ON/Off, automate, and change color based on external environs. This smart processing ensures optimal power usage and a reduction in wastage of electricity.

  4. Aid better sleep quality: It’s a known fact that lighting conditions can have a drastic effect on your sleep quality. Blue light has shown to have an effect on the production of melatonin (sleep-inducing hormone) more than any other hue. Smart LED bulbs can be automated to gradually reduce blue light emittance and create a sleep-friendly environment.

  5. Empower IoT-enabled smart homes: Home, Offices and other living spaces automation is steadily pacing in the direction of the Internet of Things (IoT) - an intricate network of everyday objects connected via the internet. Many smart light brands offer a control hub or integration with other home automation technology enabling a single and unified control access point. While smart LED’s are just a part of this huge IoT ecosystem, they give you a good glimpse into the homes of the future. The substantially low cost of smart light bulbs can empower your first steps towards the creation of an IoT-enabled smart home.

With so many essential feature-sets and application possibilities, doesn’t it make sense to switch to Smart LED bulbs? Go ahead and make the transition now. Here’s to smart LED-powered homes of the future.

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