7 Reasons To Prefer Home Theatre Over Movie Theaters

September 13, 2019
7 Reasons To Prefer Home Theatre Over Movie Theaters
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Difference between Home Theater & Movie Theater

A hole in your pocket!! This is what both, home theatres and movie theaters do to you. But, a home theatre is a one-time investment whereas movie theaters double your expense every time you decide to watch a movie. Not to forget the gold they sell in the theatres (POPCORN!)

We are here to tell you that, a cinematic experience CAN be created with a home theatre system too. In fact, it offers a few additional advantages! Read on...

1. Punchier bass

Home Theatre

If your home theatre is set up accurately, then the bass is capable of getting a lot more powerful and effective than it is in a local cineplex. If you consider your home, you have a lot less room to fill. Here’s a tip for the beginners: When factoring in home theater subwoofers, a couple small or medium-sized subs will often deliver the bone-crunching bass you may never experience in a movie theater. If you don’t currently have this in your home theater, you may need to upgrade your sub to something with a larger driver (12″ or more) and additional output.

A good subwoofer has the potential to make you feel like the bullet just passed by you. Yes, you can experience this even in your home!

2. COMFORT wouldn't cost you!

Home Theatre - Comport

Usually, when movie theaters assure that they have designed their seats to especially comfort you, what they actually mean is, “We are going to charge you a few extra bucks for this experience!” However, having a home theatre at home gives you the liberty to not only pick your spot on the sofa but also change your spot anytime you wish to. You can sit-stand-spreadaround-sit whenever and however you wish to. Doesn’t that double the fun? But, does that sound like something you can experience in a movie theater too?

3. The AV experience can be tweaked to your taste

If you’re someone who enjoys the movie sound to be played at reference listening levels, or a bit louder or quieter than the industry standards, a home theatre system might work better for you. The settings can be adjusted to suit your listening needs. It can be as bright and as loud as you want it to be, and you can hit pause or rewind whenever you like.

If you’re wishing for a cinematic experience and bass performance that will rumble your seat, a standard 5.1 channel surround system can do it for you. It has the potential to easily rival (or even surpass) that of many theatres.

4. You can pick the audience

Buy Home Theatre

Yes, we understand how it feels around crying and screaming babies. While watching movies in your home, you get to skip those babies. Yes! No more babies around. Not to forget the Mr and Miss Chewy who snack louder than even the action scenes. These factors when combined don’t let you “enjoy” the movie.

Save yourself the helplessness and choose your audience. Enjoy the movie truly and cherish the moments.

5. Freedom from criminally expensive popcorn

Avoide money on buying movie theaters popcorn

Need we remind you of the popcorn charges? You can also add snacks and drinks of your choice. Some chips and tasty homemade sandwiches and you are all set! Oh, and we don’t see any hole in your pocket here!

6. Watch as many times and as much as you want to

Watch Netflux Show at Netflix

The number of movies you can watch and the number of times you can use your home theater is completely based on your wish. Given the prices of today’s movies, a trip to the theatre is going to be fairly infrequent (either that or you’re made of money). Your home theater, on the other hand, can be used several times a week to enjoy the movies and TV shows of your choice. Isn’t this a pretty good one-time investment?

7. Press “Pause” for bathroom breaks

They say, “Time waits for no man”. Well, a movie playing in a theatre doesn’t too! If it’s a nature’s call or your partner’s, either way, you have to miss a part of the movie. Whereas at home, you can not only press “Pause” for a break but also are on your own timetable. The ball is entirely in your court. You can take multiple breaks and even schedule your own movie time. You customise your experience, “your” way!

So work hard in the office, come home, freshen up, make some popcorn, call a friend, pick your spot, play your movie and chill with extreme comfort! Chill, because the sound settings and the viewing experience both are entirely under your control!

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Excellent tips & very true.
A home cinema is much better than cinema hall at market. One always can plan a movie as per availability of the time for the movie..

Simarjit Singh

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