How to choose the right multimedia projector – Part I

February 25, 2016
How to choose the right multimedia projector – Part I
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How to choose the right multimedia projector – Part I
You are a SOHO owner or the CEO of a small or medium business. You want to know what the brightness of your multimedia projector should be...You want to know whether it should be portable or not...You want to know what the resolution should be....

To be honest, you don't want any razzmatazz. All you really want to know is which multimedia projector to buy from among the myriad options available in the market. We will talk about what you need to look for when buying a multimedia projector in two separate articles. This is the first in a two-part series...So, here goes with what you should be initially looking for when buying a multimedia projector.

When it comes to buying a multimedia projector, 7 is the magic number! You need to check for 7 major issues when choosing a multimedia projector. These are:

1) Projector brightness (lumens)

2) Projector resolution

3) Ease of use

4) Image quality (Data and video)

5) Reliability and warranty

6) Price

7) Advanced features (such as Networking)

Let's explore the first three in detail here. We shall discuss the remaining four in a separate article...

Projector Brightness

You can choose the lumens (brightness) of your projector, depending on the level of light in your room, the size of the room, and your screen size. You also need to keep in mind what material you are planning to present. For example, if you will be presenting videos, images, or photographs, you will need more lumens. So, if you have a projector with a brightness of 3200 lumens, your images will remain crystal clear even for large presentations.

Projector Resolution

Unless price is an issue, opt for an XGA resolution projector at the minimum. An XGA projector will have a longer life and it will give you better image quality, regardless of what resolution your desktop or laptop has. However, the most popular multimedia projector resolution is WXGA, as most customers use widescreen laptops for presentations. You can also use an HD resolution projector, for graphic and video-heavy presentations.

 Ease of use

Some projectors have added features that make your life easier. Some of these are: an iPhone doc for presenting straight from your smart phone; Wireless compatibility; Digital keystone correction and lens shift; Lamp-free projectors that save you money on costly replacement lamps, and projectors with a short throw.

This article intiates the discussion on how to choose the right multimedia projector. For more on this, watch this space...

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