Innovation in Teaching

February 25, 2016
Innovation in Teaching
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Innovation in Teaching

Many of us have a picture in our heads of a teacher filling the blackboard with chalk. In the picture above, you can clearly see the traditional approach to teaching. With the recent adoption of new technology, increasing numbers of institutes are opting for using projectors for learning. With the help of projectors, it's easy to connect with students and all students can easily view information in formats like video, audio, PowerPoint presentations, graphics, and so on... To present this information one can use whiteboards, displays and computers as tools. More and more teachers are being encouraged to use these teaching aids themselves so they can control their lessons and materials without a great deal of effort.

What are the ways you can add creativity to your lessons with the use of projectors?

  • Creating multimedia presentations: Helps students build their communication skills and improves confidence
  • Increases Engagement: Builds a healthy teacher-student relationship
  • Visual Aids : Enables the child to learn more, as they enjoy lessons with videos and images
  • Games and quizzes: Helps students play games and quizzes, thereby increasing interaction
  • Going Green: Offers teachers a variety of ways to present information to students, thereby eliminating the need for printing or writing
  • Two-way Communication: Increases student-to-student participation, which results in better understanding of the lessons

Benefits of using projector in the classroom

Now you can see the benefits and learning that a student experiences using a projector in the classroom. New methods of teaching improve the quality of education and make for a more lively environment. Here's to a happy learning experience!

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