Buying Soundbars in 2022 - What To Look Out For

May 14, 2022
Buying Soundbars in 2022 - What To Look Out For
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Buying Soundbars in 2022
When we talk about Home Entertainment Systems, a good audio system is as important as a good visual system. Superior quality of sound enhances the users overall viewing experience. 

Keeping that in mind, sound bars are a great solution to lift your sound output quality. 

Previously, sound bars were viewed as these large space occupying units that were primarily used only in extensive home theatres. But now, things are changing. Due to the wide range of features the new age soundbars offer, their use in basic households is increasing rapidly.  

We understand that choosing a suitable sound bar that caters to your needs can be quite exhausting. 

That’s why, we have compiled a checklist of new features that we need to look out for while buying soundbars in the year 2022. 



The most important factor to be taken into consideration before buying a soundbar is how it will connect to your television or visual set. Digital and optical cables have now become obsolete. They are now being replaced by HDMI. 

One of the latest features of the HDMI is the EARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) or the enhanced version of ARC. 

It provides you high quality sound output from your television, while also making your soundbar future proof in the coming years.


Surround Sound
Dolby Atmos has been  the most popular and the viewers favourite when it comes to surround sound. There are several sound bars in today's times that can not only help you achieve high quality sound effects but also support formats like DTH and Dolby. 

For all the movie buffs, this is one feature you must definitely look out for. 


The rapid growth of smart home devices now enables the users to be able to control their homes remotely as well. Several sound bars now include voice assistance support. 

Sound bars can also be controlled through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to perform several functions like managing volume, playing music and so on. Some sound bars also include multi room functions with compatible devices. 

However, using voice commands to use smart home functionalities requires compatible devices. Some devices also require third party integration. That’s why, you may want to plan your smart home layout beforehand. 


Wireless Connectivity
Wireless connectivity is another noteworthy feature that should be on your radar. 

Options like wifi, bluetooth, airplay 2, high resolution audio support, smartphone app control, wireless subwoofer connectivity, and others can help enhance your listening experience.


Choosing the right size is extremely necessary while buying a sound bar. Sound bars are available in all sizes ranging from 12 inches to 60 inches. 

Depending upon the size of the TV as well as the room, the sound bar must be chosen accordingly. It is necessary to pick out the one that looks the most elegant and suits your set up perfectly.

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