Earbuds Cleaning - How to Clean Earbuds for Crisp and Clear Sound? Best Tips You Will Find Anywhere

November 24, 2022
Earbuds Cleaning - How to Clean Earbuds for Crisp and Clear Sound? Best Tips You Will Find Anywhere
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Earbuds Cleaning

How often do you clean earbuds? 

While most earbuds are practically a requirement for most electronic devices like phones and computers, while walking, commuting or at work, what goes overlooked is the dirt, grime or earwax. 

Chances are that you are not cleaning your earbuds the right way, on a monthly basis. 

Importance of Cleaning Earbuds

The importance of earbuds for cleaning can not be stated enough. 

Distortion and unsightly appearance are some of the outcomes of not cleaning your earbuds thoroughly. Accumulated earwax, dust-induced bacteria and grime are not good for an earbud and that’s why we curated this guide on how to clean earphones. 

In this blog post, we cover all key aspects like things required for cleaning earbuds, how to clean an earbud case, ways to keep your earbuds clean for longer and much more.

Things Required for Cleaning Earbuds

Before we deep dive into understanding how to disinfect earbuds, there are a few caveats to consider. 

  • Do not submerge the buds in water or hold them under a tap, you'll irreversibly damage the wiring. 
  • Refrain from cleaning the earbuds while they are still connected to your phone, laptop, or another device.

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    Now that this is out of the way, let's look at the most important things required for cleaning earbuds. 





    Alcohol wipes

    Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol

    Small bowl

    Cotton swabs

    Microfiber cloth

    Dishwashing Liquid

    How to Clean Earbuds - 9 Quick Steps to Follow

  • Pour some cleaning solution for the tips into a bowl

  • Mix together 1/4 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid with 1/2 cup of warm water

  • Carefully remove and soak the tips

  • Take out foam or silicone tips from the earbuds, add them to the cleaning solution and soak them for half an hour

  • Thoroughly clean and dry the tips

  • Remove the tips from the cleaning solution and wipe away any loose dirt or wax with a cotton swab

  • Rinse well with warm water and air-dry them on a microfiber cloth. They must be fully dry before placing them back on the earbuds

  • Clean the mesh cover of the earbud with the mesh cover facing down so the particles do not fall deeper into the outer housing

  • Gently brush away any residual wax using a toothbrush
  • How to Disinfect Earbuds

    Disinfect the tips by wiping them with preferably an alcohol wipe and allow them to air dry.

    Use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol to disinfect the mesh screen and take a cotton swab to wipe down the outer housing of the earbuds. 

    Make sure they have sufficiently air-dried before you use them again.

    How to Keep Your Earbuds Clean for Longer - Top Tips

    1. Always place the earbuds in a case, and don’t leave them lying around. Besides, refrain from dropping them in a bag or pocket if you don’t want your earbuds to pick up debris and lint.
    2. Don’t take your water-resistant earbuds for granted, leaving them wet for long periods of time can lead to moisture slipping into the inner workings. It’s best to air dry them without exposing earbuds to direct heat.
    3. Regularly clean your case, especially the case of wireless earbuds. Wondering how to clean your earbuds case? Do it effectively by wiping down the inside with a clean cloth, or microfiber cloth dipped in Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. 
    4. Make sure your earbuds are not carelessly tucked in shorts or workout gear and exposed to sweat. It’s best to put them in a sealable plastic bag or a waterproof case. Or alternatively, you can consider checking out several available options online and pick a silicone or plastic case, or a fabric earbud pouch to keep your earbuds safe and secure. Apart from cutting down the chances of losing them, these are perfect to keep earbuds handily available and clean. It’s easy to clean them too, just submerge them in a soapy solution, and rinse well, leaving them to air dry.

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    These tips should help you keep your earbuds clean and ensure you are catching every beat, lyric, or favourite podcast word while enhancing the longevity of earbuds and keeping any ear infections at bay. 

    Hopefully, these detailed instructions and insights on how to clean your earbuds can help you keep away a number of troubles and maximise your earbuds’ life. 

    If you are still wondering about getting the subject matter advice in detail, our team of experts are just a click away! 


    1. Do I need a special cleaning kit to clean my earbuds?

    A special cleaning kit is not an absolute must-have. 

    But because they bring in a lot of convenience and ease when you are travelling or are on the go, you can consider buying one. It would be helpful to know that a special cleaning kit to clean your earbuds would typically have a soft brush, wipes, swaps, a cloth and a gentle spray cleaner. 

    1. Should I blow air into my earbuds to clean them?

    If you blow air into your earbuds to clean them, you would end up dislodging dust and debris and causing damage. You must refrain from blowing moist air from your mouth to clean your earbuds. Compressed air in a can is not a good idea either unless it is used to clean a keyboard.

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