Elite Screen shares 3 easy tips to install projection screens the right way

March 17, 2017
Elite Screen shares 3 easy tips to install projection screens the right way
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Projection Screen Installation Tips

Elite is arguably one of the best projection screen manufacturers in the world. The company has a longstanding track record of pioneering various innovations in this segment. As a leading global projection screen brand, they offer award-winning quality at a competitive price-point for home and office projections needs. Their roster includes a wide range indoor-outdoor, front or rear projection screens available in standard and speciality formats. Some of the projector screen materials include matte white, ambient light-rejecting and acoustically transparent materials suitable for numerous projection environments.

The company is also passionate about ensuring that their home theatre and professional consumers install and use projection screens optimally for the best experience. To ensure maximum benefits from video projection setups, Elite Screens offers three tips on how to properly install any projector screen in meeting rooms and home theatres.

Projection Screen Installation Tip 1:

Ensure that your head is at a comfortable level. This can be done by understanding your eye level. On average, a person’s eyes are at a level between 42-50” off the floor when seated. A safe sweet spot or viewing level to work with is to assume about a 48” average for most people in that room. Bear in mind that the seating height is pivotal for this calculation.

Projection Screen Installation Tip 2:

Your eye level should align with the boundary line between the top 2/3 and bottom 1/3 of the screen. With your eyes aligned 1/3 of the way up on the screen, the least amount of eye, neck or head movement is required for the viewer to easily view everything happening on the screen. So if your eye level is 48”, this should also align with the bottom 1/3 measurement of the screen’s height.

Projection Screen Installation Tip 3:

Comfort and perception significantly enhance the viewing experience in home theatre systems. An accurately mounted screen prevents you from coming across perceived visual distortion. The images appear naturally as your eyes would see it in real-time. This also prevents unnecessary neck and eye fatigue from disrupting your ability to sit through a movie, presentation or gaming session.

You can learn more about this by watching this projection screen installation video by Elite screens here.

Additionally, the performance of your home theatre or meeting room AV gear is also a prerequisite on your quest for the ultimate cinema-like audio-visual experience. However, never forget the ergonomic value of projection screen.

Needless to say, the larger-than-life home cinema experience can be easily enhanced with a huge video projection screen installed the right way. Best of luck with your home theatre projection screen installation escapades.

Did you find these tips useful? or Do you have some tips for other home cinema enthusiasts? Either way, use the comment section below to share your AV tips, ideas, suggestions or hacks.

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