Getting to know the holy trinity of home theater systems

January 07, 2019
Getting to know the holy trinity of home theater systems
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Getting to know about home theater systems

The components of a stereo audio system can be confusing for beginners who have just started their journey of putting together a home theater sound system. Several of our readers have frequently revealed that they find it tricky to understand certain concepts as many manufacturers annoyingly focus on the technicalities or jargons.

When custom designing your home theater system in India, it valuable to know the differences between receivers and amplifiers and the role they play. With half knowledge, countless users end up buying equipment that doesn't suit their requirement, leaving utterly unsatisfied. After all, no one likes the idea of unused equipment, especially after having paid a huge sum of money to buy them. Ooberpad India's blog and a guide that gives you a quick introduction to key components of audio systems so you can properly understand the role each one plays in your home theater system. The quest for the best home theater system in India starts with Ooberpad.

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A receiver is a combination of three components: an amplifier, a control centre and an AM/FM tuner. An AV receiver is the centre or the heart of the system where all the audio and video components and the speakers will be connected and controlled. Broadly, a receiver amplifies the sound, receives AM/FM stations, and lets you select a source for listening or viewing video CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, Tape, Vinyl Records, and iPod etc.. It also lets you adjust the tonal quality and other listening preferences. Receivers come largely in two variants, stereo and multichannel home theater receivers. Your decision to choose one depends on your application. For example, if you only listen to music or have a huge vinyl collection, a stereo amplifier should suffice. However, if you are a movie buff like us, a multi-channel AV receiver should do the trick.

multi-channel AV receiver

An integrated amp is very much like a receiver. Quite often without the AM/FM tuner. A basic integrated amplifier combines a two-channel or multichannel amp with a pre-amplifier for selecting audio components and for basic tone controls. Pre-amplifier also known as a control amps so don't be confused. Many audio enthusiasts and audiophiles prefer separate components. This is because they provide the best audio performance as each component is optimized for a specific function. In addition, because they are separate components, there is less possibility of interference between the preamp and the higher current stages of a power amp.

A pre-amplifier is also known as a control amplifier because it’s where all components are connected and controlled. A pre-amp provides a small amount of amplification, only enough to send the signal to the power amplifier, which amplifies the signal enough to power speakers. A power amplifier provides the electrical current to drive loudspeakers and they are available in two-channel or several multichannel configurations. Power amps are the last component in the audio signal chain. Hence, they should be matched with the capabilities of the speakers. A quick glance at the technical specification of the amplifier and the speaker should help you with this. High power amplifiers are used mostly in professional applications. We have covered this is in details in on our YouTube channel. Watch the videos below to learn more.

If you are still confused, feel free to get in touch with the knowledgeable and helpful Ooberpad team. We will answer your queries and help you design your dream home theater in India, that too well within your budget.

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