How to Build the HI-FI System of Your Dreams - A Quick Guide

March 23, 2021
How to Build the HI-FI System of Your Dreams - A Quick Guide
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Home is where the heart is. For most people, the famous adage is something to live by. Watching movies together with family and friends or listening to your favourite music tracks is a major part of building fond memories and living shared experiences. That’s why designing, assembling and owning your dream home hi-fi system, is worth all the effort.

But first, putting together a system entails its own challenges

What follows after you have decided to build a home Hi-Fi system? Taking care of bulky hardware, costs, cables, and selecting a suitable option from a wide array of audiophile-grade home Hi-Fi systems. Throw in requirements like aesthetics, and add-ons like turntables and speakers, and you are left struggling to figure out; how to build the Hi-Fi system of your dreams, without losing your mind. 

So, if you are feeling like you have been thrown in at the deep end, we are here to help. Let’s look into everything that is there to understand about building the perfect hi-fi system. 

Insights on building the best HI-FI system for your needs

Insights on building the best HI-FI system

Build a checklist and set a budget

It is important to create a list of things or features that you want in your home HI-FI system and the ones that don’t figure on the top of your must-haves. A headphone outlet, speakers or Bluetooth could be an important component for you, while someone else may want to skip this altogether or prefer to stick to a realistic budget. For others, components like turntables, for instance, may deserve special attention, and stretching the budget is not a big deal. 

A quick, actionable tip here is, that if you are someone who wants a traditional Hi-Fi-system, but mostly plays music from your phone or laptop, then you might want to select one that supports Bluetooth or wifi. 

Something like this could work well with your wireless speaker systems from Bowers and Wilkins. Also, if you are trying to save money pick one speaker, to begin with, the Harmam Kardon would be a good option to consider. But if you are a fan of vinyl, then the value it brings to your system would push you to loosen your purse strings and check out some turntables. 

End the drama around the cables and add-on 

It makes sense to invest in quality cables and a stand or wall-mounting gear to keep things tidy and eliminate the cable clutter. As an alternative to this, you could repurpose the existing furniture if it is sturdy and solid enough to place your source device on. 

Also if space remains a constraint, an all-in-one music streamer could be a valuable addition, as you are trying to strike a balance between performance, price and appearance. 

Be discerning in the placement of your speakers

The audio quality of your system is hugely contingent upon the placement of the speakers. Try keeping your speakers at least two meters apart. Avoid keeping your speakers too close to the walls. Prefer keeping them tilted towards the area you would be sitting in. 

Upgrade the electrical output in your house so it is optimized for intricacies 

While most electrical outlets are sufficient for the usual consumer electronics, it is recommended that you check if your existing outlet meets the demands of audiophile-grade hardware. 

Poor power quality can affect both the performance of your setup and its longevity in the long run. Stabilisers or power conditioners can be important tools to improve the power quality of your devices and to protect them from harm in case of excessive variations. Enlist the help of a licensed electrician who can check and improve the quality of your power supply from the outlet. 

A few good recommendations

Finally, if you have decided to take the plunge and make the purchase, our team Ooberpad would be happy to help you build the perfect hi-fi system for your home. We have got everything you will need to put together for an immersive home entertainment experience.

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