Oober-Review: Sony MDR-XB450AP - Superb bass performance

December 16, 2016
Oober-Review: Sony MDR-XB450AP - Superb bass performance
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Sony MDR-XB450AP

The Sony MDR-XB450AP are headphones that are designed to excite your eardrums with some seriously powerful bass. They can function as a normal pair with a bit of a bass emphasis but nothing too out of the ordinary.

There’s a certain thrill in the aural experience of these headphones that ought to be experienced to believe. Let’s take a closer look at the Sony MDR-XB450AP Extra Bass headphones and why you should buy them.

Sound Quality

Before looking at what the bass-booster feature is like, we’re going to deal with what the Sony MDR-XB450AP sound like normally, because it’s probably how these headphones will be used for most amount of time. There’s a nice bass kick and it’s fairly well-handled. It’s not hugely boomy. The mid-range is flat, full and offers good detail. With a good treble presence, the Sony MDR-XB450AP don’t sound foggy or veiled. The soundstage width and dynamic range are offer a pleasant listen with some extra bass, but not a ridiculous amount.

Design & Comfort

The Sony MDR-XB450AP are large headphones, however they are not the over-the-ears kind you normally get with pairs of this size. Sony has classed-up the look of the MDR-XB450AP and headphones are pretty eye-catching. The back plate of each ear cup has a metallic finish of concentric circles widely used in Sony’s current headphones. It’s a good-looking design trait, with a classier, more inclusive look.

The all-plastic finish is sharp and sets a benchmark for the build quality you should expect from headphones in this price range. The Sony MDR-XB450AP pads are big and soft, with soft synthetic leather that keeps the headphones in place. The padding is thick and soft enough to be worn comfortably for several hours. The padding style also allows good noise isolation for an on-ears pair of headphones.

Bass Booster

Switch the Sony MDR-XB450AP’s bass booster on and the sound changes quite drastically. The treble remains largely the same, but everything below takes on a completely different character. The upper and lower bass registers get much thicker. The bass resonance feature seems to work in a similar fashion to the bass radiators used in smaller speakers – to increase bass power without needing more speaker ‘cabinet’ space. The real aim of the Sony MDR-XB450AP bass booster is to offer a subwoofer-like experience in your ear.

Should I buy the Sony MDR-XB450AP?

The Sony MDR-XB450AP are portable headphones designed to provide gut-shaking bass. At the top bass boost level, they provide the kind of low-end you can truly feel. Without the bass feature engaged the Sony MDR-XB450AP’s tonal quality is surprisingly detailed. Reasonable comfort, decent isolation and a hint of Sony style mean the headphones is worth considering for everyday use. In a nutshell, the Sony MDR-XB450AP offer larger-than-life bass at a decent price, making it an interesting value proposition.

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