Oober Tips: Things to consider before buying a smart LED bulb

October 07, 2016
Oober Tips: Things to consider before buying a smart LED bulb
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Useful tips before buying a smart LED bulb

Smart LED bulbs are a quick and exhilarating way to light up living spaces with brilliant and changeable colours. In a nutshell, they are your regular light bulbs equipped with an integrated chip that allows control of the light via the internet or Bluetooth. Unlike conventional bulbs smart bulbs efficiently light up a room and also perform a variety of lighting and non-lighting tricks.

To remotely control a smart bulb from their app, you'll need to integrated it into your home Wi-Fi network or pair it with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Prices of smart LED bulbs depending various factors such size, lumens and feature-set among others. With so many aspects to factor in, the buying process gets challenging. Let’s look at the 5 basic things you need to consider before buying a smart LED bulb.

Number of colours available

LEDs can often emit multiple colours and shades of light, including warm or cool whites to mimic incandescent or fluorescent colours temperatures. Needless to say, the more colours or tones the app or bulb can create, the more fun you'll have. Smart LED bulbs from Mipow and other leading brands are capable of producing up to 16.17 million colours.

Have a look at the lumens

LED brightness is measured lumens and not in watts. Check the bulb package to see if there's an incandescent equivalent. However, generally speaking, an 800-lumen LED = a 60-watt incandescent, while 1100 and 1600 lumens are roughly about 75 watts & 100 watts respectively.

Light programming and control

Much like lightning scene controllers, smart LED bulbs let you control various parameters such as dimming, colours shade, brightness, run duration, and much more. Most smart LED bulbs can be dimmed regardless of what kind of socket they're screwed in. However, some require a dimmer socket. Also, check the app support and features before zeroing in on a model. In many ways, a smart light bulb is a simple, quick, and viable for home lighting automation option.

Compatibility with other smart & IoT devices

Before you buy a smart bulb, check its compatibility with other smart devices you currently own or plan to buy. You definitely want to know if the smart LED bulbs you are planning to buy operate independently via their own app, or can it be integrated into a larger smart ecosystem. This is an important aspect to remember, considering the slew of smart home and IoT technologies being launched by the biggest tech-brands such as Google and Amazon.

Check for value adding features

The development trajectory of smart lighting technology is fast paced. Smart LED bulbs now come equipped with a host of extra perks and functionalities. There are models such as the Mipow BTL100C Playbulb that sport a built-in Bluetooth speaker, while many others include IP security cameras, Wi-Fi repeaters and many other exciting technologies.

We hope our oober tips help you buy a smart LED that are not only awesome, but also extremely useful.

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