Ooberpad India reviews the BIC America Formula F12 powered subwoofer

BIC America Formula F12 powered subwoofer

A few days ago, we had the opportunity to unbox and test the BIC America Formula F12 front-firing powered subwoofer at Ooberpad’s Home Theatre demonstration room in Mumbai. What sets this subwoofer apart is the fact that it is one of the most affordable and powerful 12" subwoofers currently available in India. Just like most audio electronics from BIC America, this subwoofer delivers high-performance audio at an affordable price point. The sheer price-to-performance ratio of this subwoofer still resonates with our team. Read more about our experience.

A closer look at the BIC America Formula F12 Powered subwoofer

Features of BIC America Formula F12 Powered subwoofer

The BIC America Formula F12 sports a massive and metallic looking 12” woofer and 150W (RMS) BASH designed amplifier delivers powerful low frequencies i.e. the bass in your music and movie soundtracks. The 12" long-throw, injection-moulded, ferrite subwoofer driver reproduces bass that is not just powerful, but incredibly detailed and accurate.

The subwoofer is a single driver, bass reflex construction with built-in high-current amplifiers that delivers the most powerful, deep and dynamic bass output. With this subwoofer you can hear every thump and bass drop in your home theater or stereo system. Our test included multiple high-resolution songs and Blu-Ray movie snippets driven by a Denon AVR-X1400H 7.2 channel AV surround receiver.

The powered subwoofer incorporates a proprietary BIC 'Venturi' vent that cancels port noise which is very common in other subwoofers, particularly when processing complex audio and video tracks. As this is an ‘active’ or powered subwoofer, it is equipped with an inbuilt BASH amp that delivers a whopping 475W peak power (150 W RMS). This results in high clarity and a powerful bass output. It boasts of a frequency range between 25-200Hz and a sensitivity 90dB that reproduces strong, immersive and accurate low-end output.

Ooberpad's blog takes a look at the BIC America Formula F12 - one of the most affordable 12

The BIC America Formula F12 is loaded with features such as an adjustable crossover, volume controls, automatic signal sensors, high-level inputs and both Dolby Pro Logic & Dolby Digital/DTS inputs. For connectivity, it features premium grade LFE inputs and RCA input connectors. It also features subwoofer volume level, crossover cut-off frequency control (sweepable between 40Hz - 160Hz), Phase Switch (selectable between 0° and 180°) and a convenient auto power ON & OFF feature. Additionally, the subwoofer also has speaker terminals to connect with receivers/amplifiers that do not have a dedicated subwoofer out.

All about BIC America Formula F12

The construction feels solid and the subwoofer sports a classy black laminate finish. The removable grille allows you to display the stylish, black-trimmed metallic cone if you prefer. The BIC America Formula F12 powered subwoofer is ideal to enhance low-frequency enhancement in stereo or multichannel home theatre systems. With this subwoofer, get ready for a power-packed bass response in your sound system.

Our verdict is that the BIC America Formula F12 Subwoofer is designed to deliver an audiophile grade bass performance at an affordable price point. Interestingly, the subwoofer comes with a 5-year manufacturers warranty (on parts) from Ooberpad making it a great value proposition. Be sure to check out the BIC America Formula F12 subwoofer on Ooberpad.

We have also done a video review of the features of the BIC America Formula F12 subwoofer on Ooberpad India's YouTube channel, be sure to check it out.


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