Polk Audio in India - Ooberpad explores the brand’s legacy

July 30, 2018
Polk Audio in India - Ooberpad explores the brand’s legacy
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Polk Audio India - Ooberpad

With their iconic heart ♥️ logo, Polk Audio has not only carved a special place in the hearts of Audiophiles in the USA but also other parts of the world, including India. For nearly 40 years, the company created some of the most revered and coveted speakers that still resonates with high-fidelity audio lovers the world over.

While personal preferences differ, no audio enthusiast can deny the undying legacy and impact of this signature American HiFi brand. At Ooberpad, we want to take you down memory lane and pay a humble homage to this beloved American audio brand.

Polk Audio - Where it all began

Polk Audio was founded by Matthew Polk, George Klopfer and Sandy Gross in 1972. The trio met each other while attending classes at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Just a few friends freshly graduated university, they followed their passion for sound & and music. After graduating in 1971, the team collaborated on producing a sound system for a local bluegrass convention. Matthew designed the speaker system while George built the cabinets. After it was discovered the producers of the convention could not afford to pay for the system, George designed a logo for Polk Audio and attached it to the speakers.

What started as a garage project in an old Victorian rooming house in Baltimore, Maryland, quickly became a legacy that never drifted from its original vision. The three young founders set out to capture the wonder of the live concert experience and bring it home. Putting their degrees in physics and mechanical engineering to good use, the three audiophiles sought new ways to make High-Fidelity audio affordable to a wide spectrum of music lovers.

Today, Polk Audio is a manufacturer of audio products best known for their home and automobile speakers. The company also produces a wide range of other audio products such as amplifiers and FM tuners. The company is headquartered in its home ground, Baltimore, Maryland.

An arsenal of technologies

An arsenal of technologies - Polk Audio

For more than four decades, Polk Audio has been forging new pathways in the audio engineering field. Over the years, the company has pioneered and patented a huge arsenal of technologies they deploy in their products. Let’s have a look at those.

  • Dynamic Balance - Improves sound quality by minimizing resonance
  • SDA (Stereo Dimensional Array) - Renders surround sound from one location
  • Wide Dispersion Array - Broadens soundstage for smaller speakers
  • Power Port - Patented port geometry increases bass without distortion
  • Cascade Crossover - Patented crossover technology creates a wider sweet spot
  • Voice Adjust - Controls dialogue volume levels

Polk Audio - Products galore

When it comes to great sounds, Polk Audio has its bases covered. Whether customers are looking for great audio for their homes, outdoors, business spaces, cars or even their boats, the company has something for everyone. Below is a quick glance at the type of speakers and the models.

Home Audio Personal Audio Car & Marine Architectural
  • LSiM Series
  • RTiA Series
  • Signature Series
  • T Series
  • TSi Series
  • HTS Subwoofers
  • Omni Collection
  • Command Bar
  • MagniFi Series
  • Signa Series
  • Atrium Outdoor Series
  • BOOM Speakers
  • Heritage Series
  • DB Plus Series
  • MM1 Series
  • V Series
  • LS Series

The future of Polk Audio

The future of Polk Audio

In the year 2006, Polk Audio was acquired by Directed Electronics now know as DEI Holdings. Interestingly, DEI is the parent company of Sound United - an audio company that owns Denon, Definitive Technology, Boston Acoustics, HEOS by Denon (under D+M Group) and Marantz. Currently, Polk Audio is branching into new and emerging categories with new products such as headphones & voice-controlled smart speakers powered by the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

At Ooberpad, we love Polk Audio and would recommend it to audiophiles and cinephiles who are looking for high fidelity audio that doesn't necessarily break the bank. Our collection includes the bookshelf speakers, floorstanders, soundbars, in-wall/in-ceiling, surround sound packages, subwoofers and much more. Better yet, we’re updating our collection on a regular basis. Do check it out.

Note: We’re authorised dealers of Polk Audio speakers in India and only sell genuine products sourced from legitimate and official distributors. Thanks to this, we can offer unmatched and reliable warranty support, unlike many others selling grey market products on e-commerce platforms. We request you to keep this in mind while buying Polk Audio speakers online in India.


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