Smarter Things: Easy ways to make your home smarter

October 19, 2016
Smarter Things: Easy ways to make your home smarter
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Over the last few years, smart home technology has gained stellar momentum. More and more homeowners are integrating automated lighting controls, healthcare, entertainment, HVAC, and other appliances into their homes. Before you know it, smart homes will be the norm.

Many users are still skeptical about integrating smart technology into their lifestyle. This may be due to lack of information or knowledge about the different gear available. At Ooberpad, we have put together a list of smart gadgets and gear that are sure to excite you and make your life smarter and better in countless ways.

Smarter Lighting

smart led bulbs

Smart LED bulbs are a quick and easy way to light up living spaces with vivid and exciting changeable colors. In simple words, they are your regular light bulbs fitted with an integrated chip that lets users control lights via the internet or any Bluetooth-enabled devices. You can have a look at our range of smart bulbs from Mipow, readily available on Ooberpad. You can also consider integrating a networked smart lighting scene controller from the global brand Lutron.

Smarter Entertainment

Modern entertainment needs and consumption trends have changed. User are looking at more option for entertainment apart from just movies and music. Popular Android based smart TV boxes and dongle let you turn your TV into a device to browse the internet, read emails, access social media, play fun games and even video chat via Skype.

You can enjoy all your downloaded media and online streaming services in one place with numerous wired and wireless connectivity options such WiFi, USB, Bluetooth, HDMI, Miracast, DLNA, and Airplay. Smart entertainment also includes high performance networked AV receivers that have provisions for multi room installations among other functionalities.

Smarter Wearables

Smarter Wearables

Wearables are smart devices that are designed to offer many practical functions and features. This segment of technology consists of activity trackers, smart bands, fitness trackers, smartwatches, and smart eyewear. Smart wearables closely monitor various aspects of the users and provide valuable insights that help you take informed decisions about your health and lifestyle. At Ooberpad, we have a hand picked collection of high-performance smart bands and smartwatches from Sony.

Smarter Networking

wireless WiFi router

At the heart of most smart home technologies is the need for network connectivity which in most cases is provided by the Internet. Fast, seamless, and wireless connectivity is the lifeline that empowers all your smart equipment to interface and communicate freely. So, doesn’t it make sense to have a wireless WiFi router that is also smart and intuitive.

For this, you can consider the Keewifi Kisslink plug-and-play WiFi Router that allows secure, password-free internet connectivity with a proximity-based automatic authentication. It also has a one-touch auto Internet connectivity optimisation along with iOS and Android app to locally or remotely manage the WiFi network.

Many modern smart home automation systems and kits have an integrated WiFi router making it an central hub to control and access all your connected devices. It is time to bring enterprise-grade wireless connectivity into your home.

With machine learning and artificial intelligence becoming increasingly accurate and accessible, it is fair to say that we are at exciting juncture in technology. While some elements of a smart home might require significant investment with long-term rewards, there are other simple and affordable gadgets that can be integrated into your home and lifestyle easily. Making small changes now can help you embrace smarter technology of the future.


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