AMX ACV-5100 Acendo Vibe with ACR-5100 Acendo Core Collaboration System

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Country of Origin: Europe

Ooberpad announces the availability of AMX ACV-5100 Acendo Vibe with ACR-5100 Acendo Core Collaboration System. The Acendo Vibe 5100 is an advanced-designed, functionally sophisticated web conferencing soundbar with an integrated camera. Featuring Sound by JBL, integrated connectivity that a professional environment requires, and a look that holds up to contemporary workspace architecture, Acendo Vibe adheres to the stringent high standards of modern-age workforce. With Acendo Vibe's wide-angle camera, integrated JBL speakers, far-field microphones, and DSP algorithms users can be sure each and every person in the room is seen and heard with clarity and coherence. Furthermore, because the camera and microphones are integrated into the same device the potential for echoing during the call is completely cut out. HDMI, USB and Bluetooth connectivity support Bring-Your-Own-Device environments as well as integration with Acendo Core for an even more intuitive and efficient room collaboration solution. CEC screen control turns the display on and off in quick response to triggers. Dedicated audio inputs and outputs that can also be used to integrate Acendo Vibe with other room technology, such as hearing-enhanced systems.

Facilitating flawless and productive inception of any meeting, Acendo Core enables vast web conferencing platform support, which also includes one-click Skype for Business meeting launch, wireless document sharing, web browsing, and access to content from network drives, and a wide-array of scheduling functions incorporating booking the room, extending the meeting, and browsing/scheduling nearby rooms. Make selections directly from an intuitive interface on the meeting space touch-enabled display or with a keyboard and mouse. The start screen has everything a user needs when they walk into space. They can join Skype for Business meetings eliminating the need to find a link or meeting invite, share content wirelessly from a mobile device or PC using AirPlay or Google Cast, view documents from the web, cloud storage, network drive, or a USB thumb drive. Built-in document viewers enable a side-by-side view of two documents, and 4K support for dual monitors provides an optimal collaboration experience. Acendo Core also helps users to quickly and easily perform a variety of space scheduling actions with direct integration into Exchange and Office 365, the start screen shows the day’s schedule for the room. Want to check the room availability? Book it right from the start screen. Is it occupied? Browse and book a nearby available room. Acendo Core even delivers a warning when the meeting is about to end so users can extend their booking time, find another room, or wrap up the meeting so the next group can start on time.


3-year manufacturer's warranty

Key Features:

  • Acendo Vibe - Conferencing Soundbar with camera for meeting spaces
  • High Quality Sound by JBL
  • Wide-Angle Camera (110° FoV)
  • Far-Field Microphone Array
  • HDMI, USB and Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Built-in echo cancellation and ambient noise-reduction features
  • Wireless Sharing
  • Integrated Mounting Bracket
  • Acendo Core - Wide Support for Web Conferencing Platforms, including One-click Skype for Business
  • Wireless Sharing
  • Built-in Document Viewers
  • 4K, Dual Monitor and Touch Screen Support
  • Simple and Intuitive On-screen Scheduling
  • End-of-Meeting Notifications

        Benefits of AMX ACV-5100 Acendo Vibe with ACR-5100 Acendo Core Collaboration System:

        Aesthetically Appealing Design with Wide-Angle Camera (110° FoV)Elegant Design with Wide-Angle Camera (110° FoV)

        Contemporary office environments are designed to appeal and retain the most talented employees leveraging elegant interior design and the utilization of tactile materials, such as fabrics. Acendo Vibe is built using best-in-class materials and is available in two colours designed to complement the interior design. The wide-angle camera means that everyone in the room can be seen, including those people sitting close to the display. This makes Acendo Vibe perfect for small rooms where the table is near the display.

        Sound by JBL
        Sound by JBL

        Hear everything said in the meeting with speakers, microphones, and DSP algorithms from JBL.

        CEC Display Control with USB and Bluetooth Connectivity
        CEC Display Control

        Acendo Vibe will turn the display on and off in quick response to triggers, facilitating ease of use to get started with the meeting. For example, by plugging a laptop into the Acendo Vibe, the display will quickly turn on and show the laptop content. Because this is all done with CEC, there are no clunky cables or complex programming required therefore making the installation process, hassle-free. Use Acendo Vibe in BYOD applications with a user's laptop or mobile phone, or use it with Acendo Core to create a holistic, highly optimized meeting solution.

        Integrated Mounting Bracket for Easy Installation
        Integrated Mounting Bracket for Easy Installation

        The integrated wall mount facilitates installation by a single person. This mount enables customers to connect and route all the cabling with Acendo Vibe on the wall and then simply rotate Acendo Vibe into position.

        Wide Support for Web Conferencing Platforms, including One-click Skype for Business and Wireless Sharing with Acendo Core
        Wide Support for Web Conferencing Platforms & Wireless sharing

        Users can join a scheduled Skype for Business meeting, blazing fast, cutting out the need to find a link or meeting invite, enhancing productivity manifold by reducing wait time. Acendo Core supports AirPlay and Google Cast so users can share content from mobile devices or PC, minus any cumbersomeness.

        Built-in Document Viewers 
        Acendo Vibe with Core

        Users can present content without bringing any devices to the room. Users simply walk into the room, start a session, navigate to their document (USB drive, network drive, or the web), and start their presentation.

        Simple and Intuitive On-screen Scheduling
        Simple and Intuitive On-screen Scheduling

        Direct integration with Exchange and Office 365 supports a variety of on-screen scheduling options. At first blush, users can see the status of the meeting room. From the start screen, users can book the room if it is available, start their meeting, or book a nearby room quickly, resultantly cutting down wait time and enhancing productivity.

        Network Drive Support

        4K, Dual Monitor and Touch Screen Support – Ensure meeting spaces are as compelling as they are easy to use. Many enterprises choose to have all their documents stored on network drives. If a user authenticates into a meeting, they will have quick access to content stored on those drives. As Core is always on, there is no waiting for boot-up time allowing users to access their network content, blazing fast, enhancing workforce productivity.

        Active Directory Authentication

        By natively integrating with Active Directory, users can authenticate into Acendo Core and access network drives. Additionally, administrators have the option to require authentication in order to use Core for secure document and network access.

        End-of-Meeting Notifications to Enhance Workplace Productivity

        Meetings start on time because the previous meeting was wrapped-up within the pre-decided timeline. Meetings have an opportunity to wrap up cleanly and capture actions effectively because users are notified prior to the end of the scheduled meeting time.

        Where to buy?
        Buy the AMX ACV-5100 Acendo Vibe with ACR-5100 Acendo Core Collaboration System online at the best price in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and all across India. Enjoy expert, prompt and courteous customer service from the Ooberpad team. We will help you choose better and give you all the support you need to take the right buying decision in India.

        Technical Specifications of AMX ACV-5100 Acendo Vibe with ACR-5100 Acendo Core Collaboration System:

        Brand & Model # AMX ACV-5100 Acendo Vibe AMX ACR-5100 Acendo Core
        Audio - Supported
        • Stereo 10W with channel amplifier
        • Dual, far-field microphone array
        • Built-in Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC)
        • Resolution: Up to 1920x1080p 30 fps
        • Camera Sensor: 1/2.7” CMOS sensor
        • Field of View (Diagonal): 110° wide-angle
        • Focus: 15 cm to infinity
        • Camera: Rotation can be rotated horizontally 175° (± 5°) in either direction
        • Camera Tilt: down 5° / up 15°
        • Encoding Format: H.264
        • Zoom: Fixed
        • Analog Stereo Input: 1/8” mini-stereo Jack
        • Analog Stereo Output: 1/8” mini-stereo Jack
        • Optical Stereo Input: TOSLINK
        • Power: IEC C8 inlet
        • RS-232: 3-pin Phoenix connector (mating connector not included)
        • USB: Type-B receptacle (USB 2.0)
        • HDMI Input: Type-A receptacle
        • HDMI Output: Type-A receptacle
        • Occupancy Sensor Input: 3-pin Phoenix connector (mating connector not included)
        • Power Connector: 5.5 mm barrel connector
        • USB: 4x USB 3.0 Type A connector (back), 2x USB 2.0 Type A connector (front)
        • HDMI: 2x HDMI Type A connector
        • Ethernet: 2x RJ-45 connector for gigabit Ethernet
        • Analog Stereo Input: 1/8” mini-stereo jack
        • Analog Stereo Output: 1/8” mini-stereo jack
        • USB 2.0: Camera, microphones, and speakers connect to PCs using standard Plug and Play (PnP) UAC/UVC drivers USB connection used to configure Acendo Vibe using PC/Mac application
        • Supported: HDCP 1.4
        • Resolution Support: Up to 4K60 CEC display control on output
        • Audio Support: Support for uncompressed stereo PCM audio. No support for Multichannel Surround Sound.
        • Display Control: CEC for display control on HDMI output
        • HDMI: 1.4b
        • Resolution: Up to 4K30
        Bluetooth® 4.0
        • Supported Profiles: Hands-free profile
          Advanced audio distribution profile
        • Radio Frequency RangeL 2400 MHz – 2483.5 MHz
        • Radio Frequency Output Power: < 10 MW
        Wireless --
        • Wi-Fi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
        • Configuration: Enable / disable setting for Wireless
        Compute Performance / Operating System --
        • CPU: Intel Celeron N3160
        • RAM: 4 GB
        • DISK: 128 GB minimum
        • Operating System: Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
        Supported Calendar Systems
        • Microsoft Exchange 2013 SP1 or higher
        • Microsoft Exchange 2016
        • Exchange Online (Office 365)
        Remote Control Functions
        • Connects using Bluetooth®
        • Functions:
          • Bluetooth® Pairing for mobile devices
          • Disconnect (hang up)
          • Microphone mute
          • Source select
          • Volume up/down
          • Volume mute
        Included Applications --
        • Viewers for Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Adobe PDF documents
        • Viewers for images and videos
        • Microsoft Edge web browser
        • Skype® for Business Client (note: customers will need to supply a Skype for Business user account for each Acendo Core)
        • Acendo Core supports a wide array of Windows and web-based applications and can be fully customized for enterprise deployment
        5 ¼ " x 23 ½ " x 4 1/8" (132 mm x 590 mm x 105 mm)
        Depth without wall mount spacers: 3 15/16” (100 mm)
        Height without camera: 3” (76 mm)
        1 3/16” x 7 1/16” x 7 15/16” (30 mm x 180 mm x 201 mm)
        Weight 6.45 lbs. (2.93 kg.) 2.6 lbs (1.2 kg)
        Mounting Options
        • Built-in wall mount with hinge that allows installers to connect and manage cables when Acendo Vibe is hanging on the wall.
        • Installed rubber feet for placement on a credenza or tabletop. Rubber feet can be removed for installation on a wall; however, it is important to note that for optimum sound quality, rubber feet must be present when resting on a table.
        • Included Surface Mount Accessory – Hide Acendo Core on the wall behind a display or underneath a table.
        • Install on tabletop or on top of a credenza
        • Included Accessories: Included wall-mount allows Acendo Core to surfacemount on the wall
        Active power Requirements / Power supply
        • Voltage, AC (Typical): 110-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz
        • Power Consumption (Max): 1.3A max
        • Included: Input Voltage: 100 – 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz Output Voltage: 12 VDC
        • Voltage, DC (Typical): 12 VDC Power
        • Consumption (Max): 60 W
        • Power Connector: 5.5 mm barrel connector

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