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  • Magnat Multi Monitor 220 Active Stereo Speaker with Phono Input (Pair)

    Magnat Multi Monitor 220 Active Stereo Speaker with Phono Input (Pair)

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First-Class Products Engineered with a Lot of Passion

Looking for high quality speakers that pack punch with powerful and crisp sound for your home theatre? You can see, hear and feel the result in every speaker and electronic product bearing the Magnat seal of approval.

Magnat is a German Engineered brand that has been producing high-quality speakers for over 40 years. Magnat was voted the best loudspeaker brand in Germany by Focus Money magazine in 2020.

Magnat Audio always gets an absolutely high-tech product with the best possible price/performance ratio.

Why Consider Buying Magnat Products?

At Magnat, every loudspeaker and electronic product is tested, improved, optimised and adapted as needed.

Magnat speakers are a favourite among audiophiles for its sturdy build quality and smooth sound.

Products Offered by Magnat

Magnat products are designed to match the highest expectations in terms of sound quality and performance. With Magnate speakers your favourite music will sound just as it did when it was recorded.

Here’s a line-up of their versatile, high-utility products.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the Magnat Speakers price range in India?

A. The Magnat Speakers price range lies broadly between ₹30,000 to ₹50,000

Q. Are Magnat speakers better?

A. Magnat Speakers impress with their elegant appearance and perfect sound quality, and they offer truly stellar performance at competitive prices.