Accuphase P-4500 Stereo Power Amplifier

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Ooberpad announces the availability of the feature-packed Accuphase P-4500 Stereo Power Amplifier. The quest for the optimal power amplifier has just taken another giant leap forward. The P-4500 is feature-packed with an instrumentation amplifier configuration realized with discrete semiconductors in the signal path, triple Darlington 4-parallel complementary push-pull architecture and many other technical advantages. The final outcome is an impressive S/N ratio of 121 dB, rated output of 500 watts into 1 ohm (music signals), and a damping factor of 700. An innovatively crafted output protection circuit can also detect any short-circuiting of the speaker terminals, for complete peace of mind. This power amplifier is the most effective tool for immersive music enjoyment on the highest level.


1-year manufacturer's warranty

Key Features:

  • Power amplification stage with 4-parallel complementary push-pull configuration
  • Linear output characteristics (90 W / 8 ohms, 180 W / 4 ohms, 360 W / 2 ohms)
  • 500 W output into ultra-low impedance load of 1 ohm (music signals)
  • Instrumentation amplifier principle
  • Current feedback topology
  • Balanced Remote Sensing
  • High damping factor of 700
  • Speaker output protection with short-circuit detection
  • Highly responsive large peak power meters
  • Support for bi-amping and bridged mode

Benefits of Accuphase P-4500 Stereo Power Amplifier:

Instrumentation amplifier topology further improves noise performance
Instrumentation amplifier topology further improves noise performance

The P-4500 employs an instrumentation amplifier configuration that is highly effective in keeping external noise from affecting the signal transmission lines. The configuration comprises a signal input unit that receives the signal from the preamplifier and a power amplification unit that sends power to the speakers. The input stage is designed for high gain (22 dB) and the power amplification stage for low gain (6 dB). Consequently, the internal signal has a large amplitude which makes it much less prone to interference, thereby further improving the noise performance.

Signal input section with high gain
Signal input section with high gain

As in the A-75, the signal input stage is entirely configured with low-noise discrete circuit components which can handle high power supply voltages. This makes it possible to design the circuit for a high gain of 22 dB, something that cannot be achieved with OP amp ICs that have power supply voltage constraints. As a result, the S/N ratio of the P-4500 is an astonishing 121 dB.

Power amplification section with linear output characteristics

The power amplification stage of the P-4500 features bipolar power transistors mounted directly to large heat sinks for highly efficient thermal dissipation. The devices are configured as a triple Darlington 4-parallel complementary push-pull circuit that is capable of doubling the rated output when the impedance is halved. In other words, it achieves a fully linear power progression of 90 watts into 8 ohms, 180 watts into 4 ohms, and 360 watts into 2 ohms. It can even supply loads as low as 1 ohm with 500 watts of power (music signals). The impressive damping factor of 700 means that the amplifier has ample leeway to drive any kind of loudspeaker.

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Technical Specifications of Accuphase P-4500 Stereo Power Amp:

Brand & Model # Accuphase P-4500
Continuous Average Output Power (20 - 20,000 Hz)
  • 500 watts per channel into 1 ohm (*) 360 watts per channel into 2 ohms 180 watts per channel into 4 ohms 90 watts per channel into 8 ohms
  • Monophonic operation (bridged connection): 1000 watts into 2 ohms (*) 720 watts into 4 ohms 360 watts into 8 ohms
Total Harmonic Distortion
  • Stereo operation 0.05% with a 2-ohm load (both channels driven) 0.02% with a 4 to 16-ohm load
  • Monophonic operation 0.05% with a 4 to 16-ohm load (bridged connection)
  • 0.01%
    Frequency Response
    • At rated continuous average output: 20 - 20,000 Hz +0 –0.2 dB
    • At 1 watt output: 0.5 - 160,000 Hz +0 –3.0 dB
    • 28.0 dB (GAIN selector in MAX position) (Stereo/monophonic operation)
    Gain Selection
    • 28.0 dB (GAIN selector in MAX position) (Stereo / monophonic operation)
    Output Load Impedance
    • Stereo operation: 2 to 16 ohms
    • Monophonic operation: 4 to 16 ohms
      *With music signals only, 1-ohm loads are permissible for stereo operation and 2-ohm loads for monophonic operation.
      Damping Factor
      • 700
      Input Sensitivity (with 8-ohm load)
      • Stereo operation: 1.07 V for rated continuous average output 0.11 V for 1 watt output
      • Monophonic operation: 2.14 V for rated continuous average output 0.11 V for 1 watt output
      Input Impedance
      • Balanced: 40 kilohms
      • Line: 20 kilohms
      Signal-to-Noise Ratio (A-weighted, with input shorted)
      • 121 dB Gain selector at MAX position
      • 126 dB Gain selector at –12 dB position At rated continuous average output
      Power Meters
      • Logarithmic scale, with indication off switch –∞ to +3 dB (indication in dB and %)
      • Hold time switchable 3 s / ∞
        *During monophonic operation, both meters show the same value
      Power Consumption
      • 62 watts idle
      • 485 watts in accordance with IEC 60065
      Maximum Dimensions
      • Width 465 mm (18.31")
      • Height 190 mm (17.48")
      • Depth 427 mm (16.81")
      • 29.2 kg (64.4 lbs) net

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