Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) 803 D4 Floorstanding Speaker (Pair)

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Country of Origin: Uk

Did you check out the power-packed Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) 803 D4 Floorstanding Speaker? B&W's most compact headed model brings all the technical benefits of a dedicated midrange enclosure – the Turbine™ Head, with its decoupled midrange cone – to a smaller footprint that’s effortlessly accommodated in any home. 803 D4 features all the most iconic ingredients in the 800 Series Diamond range including, of course, that glorious headed enclosure. It is, however, much more compact than its other siblings. Step up to the 802 D4, and you’ll get both larger 200mm (8in) bass cones and a larger 150mm (6in) midrange driver. Step up for more power.


5-year manufacturer's warranty

Key Features:

  • Diamond tweeter
  • Solid body Tweeter-on-Top
  • Continuum cone FST™
  • Anti-Resonance plug
  • Biomimetic Suspension
  • Turbine Head
  • Matrix™
  • Aerofoil cone bass units
  • Flowport™

      Benefits of Bowers & Wilkins 803 D4 Floorstanding Speaker: 

      Small Wonder That Packs a Punch
      Small Wonder

      803 D4 may be notably more compact than the 801 D4 or 802 D4, but it still bristles with technical innovation, most obviously in its use of a three-box construction. Its 130mm (5in) midrange cone is carefully isolated from the impact of its bass cones thanks to its Turbine Head enclosure.

      Reverse Wrap Cabinet
      Reverse Wrap Cabinet

      Instead of a traditional loudspeaker box, B&W's cabinets are crafted from a continuous curved section of wood, with the drive units mounted at the heart of the curvature. This stiffer, more inert structure resists mechanical resonances far better and also ensures better dispersion of sound.

      Enhanced Matrix™ Creates a Believable Soundstage
      Enhanced Matrix™

      Matrix bracing uses interlocking panels to reinforce loudspeaker cabinet walls in all directions internally, reducing resonance and creating a more believable soundstage. The Matrix assembly in 803 D4 is our best yet, ensuring optimum scale, power and intelligibility.

      Aluminium Bass Pods

      803 D4 mounts two Aerofoil™ bass cones in twin solid aluminium bass pods, each of which is clamped into an aluminium plate fixed to the stiffest part of its curved cabinet. Formed as single pieces of metal, these stiff structures provide the perfect mechanical location for those dynamic bass cones.

      Where to Buy?
      Buy Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) 803 D4 Floorstanding Speaker (Pair) online at the best price in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and all across India. Enjoy expert, prompt and courteous customer service from the Ooberpad team. We will help you choose better and give you all the support you need to take the right buying decision in India.

      Technical Specifications of B&W 803 D4 Floorstanding Speaker:

      Brand & Model # B&W 803 D4 Floorstanding Speaker
      Enclosure Type
      3-way vented-box system
      Drive Units
      1x ø25mm (1in) diamond dome high-frequency
      1x ø130mm (5in) Continuum cone FST™ midrange
      2x ø180mm (7in) Aerofoil cone bass units
      Frequency Range
      16Hz to 35kH
      Frequency Response 
      (+/-3dB from reference axis)
      19Hz to 28kH
      Harmonic distortion
      2nd and 3rd harmonics (90dB, 1m on axis)
      <1 % 80Hz – 20kHz
      <0.3% 100Hz – 20kHz
      Sensitivity (on axis at 2.83Vrms at 1m)
      Nominal Impedance
      8Ω (minimum 3.0Ω)
      Recommended Amplifier Power
      50W – 500W into 8Ω on unclipped programme
      Max. recommended cable impedance
      Height: 1165mm
      Width: 357mm  
      Depth: 511mm



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