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A) Inclusions

1.  We design your room AV system to incorporate all the home cinema equipment and to ensure proper AV distribution.

2. A description of the capabilities of the entire system.

3. A list of recommendations for additional items required to put your home cinema components together – things like mounts for a projector, flat panel display and speakers, as well as cabling, multifunction remotes, power protection, and so on.

4. A very detailed set of CAD layouts to ensure that you get the placement of your equipment just right, and so you can plan your room design accordingly (See Images 2, 3, 4 & 5).

5. CAD generated AV wiring diagrams to ensure that you can easily communicate this to your electrical contractor, developer, or interior designer for execution (See Image below).  

6. A checklist of things you need to verify that they’ve done the job just right w.r.t. the AV System.

7. Upto 3 design iterations only, which need to be completed within 14 days (2 weeks) of submission of the first design by our team. Any additional iterations or delay in finalisation is likely to lead to additional costs for our time.

B) Exclusions

1. Not included in this service are:

  • The Design of Acoustics, Lighting, Interiors, Computer Network and the Electrical wiring for your room.

  • On-site visits and integration or installation services.

2. This service is restricted to ONE room ONLY.


1. You need to have purchased AT LEAST Rs 40,000 worth of Home Cinema equipment from us (projector, receiver, or home theatre speakers).

2. We will need you to provide us the following:

  • A detailed and accurate room layout, reflected ceiling plan and elevation (including all furniture and conduits laid), ideally prepared in CAD by an interior designer or contractor (See Images 7, 8 & 9).
  • Dimensions of your equipment storage cabinet or space - which should be well ventilated.

  • A comprehensive list of all the other equipment that you may be planning to install in the room. (example : HVAC, power distribution units, media player, gaming console, projector, flat panel display, amplifier, speakers, DVD, BluRay player, Cable/set-top box, Media Centre PC, and so on.) (See Image 10).

  • Photos of the room itself showing all corners and perspectives.


1. Why won’t you provide this service to me unless I buy my components from you? Why isn’t it available as a standalone service?

- If you are buying most or all of your AV equipment from elsewhere, it’s likely to include some products that are not as familiar to us as the ones we offer. This means that we may not completely be able to anticipate the capabilities, and more importantly, the limitations of some of the products well enough to create a great home cinema experience for you.

2. I don’t have CAD drawings of my room made by an interior decorator. Can’t I just send some drawings to you with the same information?

- Sure you can do this yourself, but they will need to provide the level of detail and accuracy of measurement that we need to get the design right. Please check this sample plan (See image below) to see if you can draw up something of comparable detail.

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