Parasound Halo JC 1+ Monoblock Power Amplifier by John Curl

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Country of Origin: Usa

Ooberpad proudly presents to you Parasound Halo JC 1+ Monoblock Power Amplifier by John Curl. Five years in development, the new JC 1+ monoblock amplifier is the best-in-class outcome of Parasound and the iconic designer John Curl. Voltage drops occur when the power transformer, bridge diodes and filter capacitors aren’t significant. The original JC 1 circumvented voltages drops by equipping its power transformer with additional secondary windings only for the input and driver stage power supply. The Halo JC 1+ goes a notch better with the addition of a separate power transformer dedicated to the input and driver stages. This second power transformer supplies ± 89V to high-speed soft-recovery bridge diodes and Nichicon filter capacitors totalling 22,400uF, resulting in rock-solid ±112Vdc for the B+ and B- “rails” when the amplifier’s output stage is functioning at its optimal capacity.


1-year manufacturer's warranty

Key Features:

  • Circuitry designed by legendary John Curl
  • Ultra-high bias Class A/AB operation
  • 25 watts of pure Class A power
  • Stable with speaker impedance dips below 1Ω
  • Bybee Music Rails™ - active high frequency filters for input stage
  • New John Curl driver stage employs a cascode circuit for greater open loop bandwidth & superior linearity
  • Gain switch to select 29 dB or 23 dB gain for optimum compatibility with high gain preamps or extremely efficient speakers
  • R-core transformer for input stage suppresses noise on power line
  • 6 massive 33,000 uF Nichicon Gold Tune filter capacitors for output stage
  • 22,400 uF input stage power supply filter capacitors, independent of the main power supply
  • Dual CHK Infinium, custom 5-way speaker binding posts for easy bi-wiring
  • Neutrik locking XLR balanced input & loop output jacks
  • Vampire 24k gold-plated RCA input & loop output jacks
  • Direct-coupled signal path, no capacitors or inductors in the audio path
  • JFET input stage, MOSFET driver stage
  • 24 beta-matched 15 ampere, 230V, 60 MHz bipolar output transistors
  • 2.1 kVA shielded toroid power transformer with premium H18 grade core
  • Independent power supplies for input stage, driver stage & output stage
  • Full power is rated all the way down to 2Hz for unrestricted low-end bass
  • Harris hyper-fast soft-recovery bridge diode rectifiers
  • REL & Nichicon Muse capacitors
  • DC servo & relay protection circuits
  • AC turn-on inrush surge protection with relay bypass
  • Automatic turn-on by 12 V trigger or audio sensing
  • 4 rack space chassis with rear carry handles
  • Rack mount hardware is included

    Benefits of Parasound Halo JC 1+ Monoblock Power Amplifier by John Curl:

    Ingenious and Noise-Free
    Supremely silent

    Curl is a master at eliminating undesirable electronic noise. For the JC 1+, he specified a pair of Bybee Music RailsTM, which are active high-frequency noise filters that “scrub away” every vestige of noise on the input and driver stage B+ and Brails. These ingenious and patented devices were conceived by Jack Bybee and invented by an eminent microwave engineer and audiophile in collaboration with Curl and noted circuit board designer Carl Thompson. Carl is renowned for meticulously designing the circuit boards for Curl’s Vendetta Research phono stage, and the Parasound JC 1, JC 2 BP, JC 3+ and JC 3 Jr. To optimize their effectiveness, Carl designed Music Rail circuit boards exclusively for the JC 1+. The JC 1+ is the first commercial product to employ these awesome devices.

    High Current is Imperative for High Performance
    High Current is Imperative

    Curl endearingly referred to the JC 1 as a “stump puller” because its 135 amp peak current enabled it to drive any commercially manufactured speaker with ease. Over the years, he has observed an increasing number of high-performance speaker manufacturers employ lower impedance to achieve their sonic objectives. Impedance dips below 2 ohms are very commonplace. Such excruciatingly low impedances level up an amplifier’s odd higher-order harmonic distortion, a primary cause of listening boredom or fatigue. Driving low impedance speakers doesn’t always require more watts, but the higher current is imperative

    Parasound raised the JC 1+ peak current 33% to 180 amps with the addition of six Sanken 15A/230V/60Mz bipolar output transistors, for a total of 24. Accommodating six more output devices necessitated changing the output stage circuit board’s orientation from horizontal to vertical. This added welcome benefits of more effective heat dissipation and easier serviceability. To conduct higher current flow in the JC 1+ we made the copper traces on its main circuit board and N and P channel output stage circuit boards twice as thick as on the JC 1.

    Nuanced Performance with High Signal to Noise Ratio

    Audio signals inside the JC 1+ travel from the input/driver board to the mainboard via shielded oxygen-free copper interconnects with 24k gold-plated connectors for optimum signal integrity and long-term resistance to corrosion. Strategically routing each internal wire further contributes to its exceptionally high signal-to-noise ratio.

    Where to buy?
    Buy Parasound Halo JC 1+ Monoblock Power Amplifier by John Curl online at the best price in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and all across India. Enjoy expert, prompt and courteous customer service from the team. We will help you choose better and will give you all the support you need to take the right buying decision in India.

    Technical Specifications of Parasound Halo JC 1+ Monoblock Power Amplifier:

    Brand & Model # Parasound Halo JC 1+
    Power Output
    450 x1 watts @ 8 Ω 
    850 x1 watts @ 4 Ω 
    1300 x1 watts @ 2 Ω

    Power measurements are with 120 VAC
    0.15% THD, RMS continuous power, 
    full audio band (20 Hz - 20 kHz)

    Class A Power Output
    25 Watts, bias switch set to high 
    10 Watts, bias switch set to low
    Current Capacity 
    180 amps, peak
    Slew Rate
    > 130 volts per microsecond
    Frequency Response
    2 Hz - 120 kHz, +0/-2 dB 
    20 Hz - 20 kHz, +0/-0.25 dB
    Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)  < 0.15 % at full power 
    < 0.02 % at typical listening levels
    IM Distortion < 0.03 %
    TIM Unmeasurable
    Damping Factor > 1200 at 20 Hz
    Input Impedance Unbalanced: 50 kΩ 
    Balanced: 100 kΩ, (50 kΩ per leg)
    S/N Ratio, inputs shorted  >122 dB, IHF A-weighted, bias set to Low 
    >120 dB, IHF A-weighted, bias set to High 
    >113 dB, Unweighted, bias set to Low 
    >111 dB, Unweighted, bias set to High
    Total Gain  29 dB (Gain switch set to normal) 
    23 dB (Gain switch set to low)

    Input Sensitivity for 28.28 V Output into 8 Ω 

    Unbalanced: 1 V 
    Balanced: 1 V per leg 
    (Gain switch set to normal)

    DC Trigger Requirements 

    +9 Vdc to +12 Vdc, 5 mA

    Audio Trigger Requirements 

     2.5 mV - 10 mV

    XLR Pin Identification

    1 = Ground (Shield) 
    2 = Positive 
    3 = Negative (Return)


    Height without feet: 7-1/8" (181 mm) 
    Height with feet: 7-3/4" (197 mm) 
    Depth: 20" (508 mm) 
    Depth with cables: 21-1/2" (546 mm)

    Net Weight

    83 lb. (37.6 kg)

    Power Requirement

    Standby: <1 Watt 
    Idle (bias set to low): 145 Watts 
    Idle (bias set to high): 275 Watts 
    Typical Listening levels: 400 Watts 
    Maximum: 1500 Watts

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