Parasound Halo P 6 2.1 Channel Preamplifier & DAC

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Country of Origin: Usa

Ooberpad presents the dynamic Parasound Halo P 6 2.1 Channel Preamplifier & DAC. This advanced 2.1 channel preamplifier has been meticulously designed for the best in class performance for serious two-channel music listening and ease of integration with a surround sound system. Based on the high-performance preamplifier section of the brand new Halo HINT 6 integrated amplifier, the P 6 offers a wide array of extensive features as compared to its predecessor, the Halo P 5, along with improved sound and an unrivalled ease-of-use. 

Geared up for today's hi-res digital music files and excelling with vinyl playback, too, the P 6 packs an advanced ESS Sabre32 Reference DAC to decode a wide range of digital music files via its digital inputs. It also includes a top-of-the-line quality built-in MM/MC phono stage with three-position load/cartridge selector switch as well as a high-current headphone stage built around the top grade Texas Instruments TPA6120A headphone amplifier chipset.

The breakthrough feature pack comprises of Burr-Brown volume control with easy-to-read front panel display. It also adds an upgraded USB receiver with plug-and-play operationality for Windows and Mac, a second optical input, increased phono gain, greater channel separation, and some highly appealing refinements to its appearance as opposed to the P 5 and original model Halo Integrated. Among the other new features is a Favorite volume memory with the remote control button, increased phono stage gain for lower output cartridges, enhanced channel separation and balance tracking, a ball-bearing supported solid aluminium volume knob and a programable default turn on volume setting.


1-year manufacturer's warranty

Key Features:

  • ESS Sabre32 Reference DAC replaces the original Burr-Brown DAC
  • USB input is now capable of DSD & 384kHz/32-bit PCM (up from 96Khz/24-bit)
  • Burr Brown analog resistor ladder volume control
  • Dimmable front panel volume display
  • Upgraded USB receiver with "plug and play" operation with Windows 10
  • An additional optical input (2 total)
  • Ball bearing supported solid aluminum volume knob
  • Programable default turn on volume setting
  • Favorite volume memory with remote control button
  • Increased phono stage gain for lower output cartridges
  • Improved Left/Right channel separation and balance tracking
  • Sand blasted metal end caps replace plastic end caps on the P 5
  • Updated cosmetics with subtle gold highlights
  • ESS Sabre32 Reference DAC (ES9018K2M)
  • Asynchronous USB 2.0 supports PCM up to 384kHz/32-bit
  • USB input decodes Native DSD64, DSD128, DSD256 and DoP DSD
  • Coax and optical inputs accept PCM up to 192kHz/24-bit
  • Analog bass management with high & low pass crossovers
  • Home theater bypass input for surround sound integration
  • Front panel subwoofer level control
  • Dedicated high current headphone amplifier (TI TPA6120)
  • Phono input for MM, MC and MI with 100 Ω or 47k Ω load
  • Front panel Aux input with automatic +12 dB gain stage
  • 5 pairs RCA line level Analog inputs
  • 1 pair XLR balanced Analog input
  • Balanced XLR and RCA left and right preamp outputs
  • 1 balanced XLR and 2 RCA subwoofer outputs
  • Bass & treble controls with relay bypass from remote or front panel
  • Rear panel IR input and IR loop output jacks
  • 12 Volt trigger output
  • Back-lit remote control with discrete buttons
  • 0.5w standby power consumption meets Energy Star & EU specs"

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Technical Specifications of Parasound Halo P 6 2.1 Channel Preamplifier & DAC:

Brand & Model # Parasound Halo P 6
Frequency Response
10 Hz - 100 kHz, +0/-3 dB 
20 Hz - 20 kHz, +0/-0.5 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
< 0.01 %
Interchannel Crosstalk  > 70 dB at 20 kHz 
> 78 dB at 1 kHz
Preamplifier Stage Input Sensitivity 300 mV in for 1 V 
Total Gain: 10 dB 
Max Output: 7.5V
S/N Ratio - Line Inputs 1- 5 
> 108 dB (shorted, IHF A-weighted) 
> 88 dB (shorted, unweighted)
S/N Ratio - DAC Inputs > 108 dB (IHF A-weighted) 
> 88 dB (unweighted)
S/N Ratio - Phono Input  MM > 80 dB (shorted, IHF A-weighted) 
MM > 70 dB (shorted, unweighted) 
MC > 67 dB (shorted, IHF A-weighted) 
MC > 55 dB (shorted, unweighted)
Phono Stage Sensitivity / Input Impedance  MM: 38 dB / 47 k Ω 
MC: 52 dB / 47 k Ω or 100 Ω
Input Impedance  Unbalanced: 24 k Ω 
Balanced: 100 k Ω per leg
Preamplifier Output Impedance 
Unbalanced: 100 Ω 
Balanced: 470 Ω per leg
High & Low Pass Crossover Slope  12 dB per octave
Supported DAC Sampling Rates 
USB: up to 384 kHz / 32-bit PCM 
DSD Native: DSD 64, DSD 128, DSD 256 
DSD over PCM (DoP) at 384 kHz 
Coax/Optical: up to 192 kHz / 24-bit PCM
Digital to Analog Converter  ESS Sabre32 Reference ES9018K2M 
384 kHz / 32-bit
USB 2.0 Controller
Savitech SA9227, 384 kHz / 32-bit
Headphone Amplifier  Texas Instruments TPA6120A 
Output Impedance 10 ohms
XLR Pin Identification  1 = Ground (Shield) 
2 = Positive 
3 = Negative (Return)
Width: 17-1/4" (437 mm) 
Depth: 15" (381 mm) 
Depth, with cables 17" (432 mm) 
Height, with feet: 4-1/8" (105 mm) 
Height, without feet: 3-1/2" (89 mm), 2U
Net Weight
14 lb. (6.3 kg)
Power Requirement  Standby: 0.5 watts 
Power On: 15 watts 
100-250 VAC 50/60 Hz (automatic)10 Hz - 100 kHz, +0/-3 dB 
20 Hz - 20 kHz, +0/-0.5 dB
XLR Pin Identification 1 = Ground (Shield)
2 = Positive
3 = Negative (Return)
Width: 17-1/4" (437 mm)
Depth: 15"-1/4" (388 mm)
Depth, with cables 17" (432 mm)
Height, with feet: 4-1/8" (105 mm)
Height, without feet: 3-1/2" (89 mm), 2U
Net Weight

27 lb. (12.2 kg)

Power requirements Standby: <1 Watt 
Idle (no music playing): 75 Watts 
Typical Listening levels: 125 Watts
Maximum: 800 Watts
110-125 VAC 60 Hz or 220-250 VAC 50 Hz
AC mains voltage is set on rear panel

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