5 Wearable Tech Trends to watch out for - Part I

5 Wearable Tech Trends to watch out for - Part I

With wearable technology being all the rage, what most people don't know is that wearables are no longer limited to Google Glass or Apple's iWatch. Designers are coming up with apparel, accessories and fitness wear that can do everything from monitor your heart rate to charge your smartphone. In this guide, we'll explore the top 5 wearable tech trends to watch out for. This is the first article in a two-part series, so, here goes...

1) Solar-powered clothes that can charge your mobile: It's closer than you think...one day you may be able to charge your smartphone with your clothes. Flexible solar panels have meant that designers come up with clothes and accessories that can power electronics. These solar clothes are lightweight wired garments that enable the wearer to charge a smartphone up to 50 percent if worn in the sun for a full hour. Other designers have come up with a collection of bags that can charge a variety of devices.

2) A personal air purifier: In the future, your own personal air purifier will be able to defend you from all that nasty air outside. This wearable device can be worn on the wrist and it sucks up and filters polluted air and recycles it back into the atmosphere.

3) Clothes that react to your environment: Designers are also creating garments that respond to your environment. For example, a dress is made with holographic leather and reacts to sound. As volume increases, the dress begins to illuminate and makes "visual music". Designers have also created a bathing suit that reacts to light, with the center panel turning into purple dots in the sun.

4) Trackable clothes: These clothes let you track them in your massive walk-in closets. They include a tracking chip that lets items be located by their owner using a customized app.

5) A helmet that helps you find your way: Designers have built a helmet to help you find your way in a strange city without a map when riding a bike. This helmet has a built-in navigation system that uses lights that flash on the left or right to let the rider know where to turn. While the user has to manually enter the coordinates of a destination, it is still safer than trying to use a smartphone while riding.

These are the top 5 trends to watch out for where wearables are concerned. There's much more to talk about, as designers collaborate with engineers to come up with innovative ideas and new wearable tech. Watch this space for more...

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